Review: The adventures of Indiana Jones

The DVD Pack – Adventures of Indiana Jones ( 3 movies and a bonus feature) was released sometime in 2004, when I was in India. I hoped to buy it when I made this trip to US, but didn’t actually buy one because I got those movies recorded in my DVR through my cable. But recently, for the love of home theater and Dolby Digital, I bought the Indiana Jones Trilogy adventure pack and also the Back to the future Trilogy pack via a deal in Amazon. I took this weekend to watch all of Indy on my hometheater and I have to say I felt as though I was watching all of those movies for the first time once again.

The movies were made in the 1980’s but the DVD’s were painfully restored digitally, frame by frame of picture and bit by bit of sound, to give an amazing picture and sound quality. Technically, it was fantastic and we know George Lucas is nothing short of perfection. The deal got me all of the 4 DVDs for $50 and it was totally worth it. I can watch those movies any number of times. The fun part was to watch the making of the 3 movies. Boy! some great efforts in the days when computer animation and effects were a dream. It was hilarious too, Spielberg was so young, the man was so pumped up and active around the set. In one scene, where Indy drives out the snakes with fire torch, the snakes actually didn’t look to be frightened by the fire. Steve says cut and then grabs a snake and says ,” You’re supposed to be scared of fire, why don’t you be frightened by fire ! you are ruining my movie !” Some fun the crew has had, over everything on making those great movies.

My favourite of the three is the last movie – The last crusade. Packed with so much action and history’s one of the most important theme – the holy grail, it turns out to be the most amazing adventure. The last 3 challenges that Indy faces to grab the holy grail is the most interesting part. The least favourite of the movies was Temple of Doom, but even that on a home theatre, it was very enjoyable. We watched it non-stop, sitting at the end of the couch, as though we were watching it for the first time. The sound effects had us together.

Indy is a great classic!


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