Think Freely

Everyone has a dream,
a dream to achieve,
to achieve the goals,
the goals constrained by reality,
the reality that narrows one’s view,
the view that restricts one’s thinking,
the thinking that is the only free birth right,
the free birth right that can boundlessly flow,
the boundless flow that can shatter the hurdles of reality,
the hurdles of reality that can be killed by Thinking Freely.
Think Freely! Think Freely! Think Freely!

Author: Yours truly.


4 thoughts on “Think Freely

  1. Thanks guys … I really don’t know how I came up with this … but when I had it, it only took me 5 minutes to write them down.

  2. Hi Dinesh,
    It was awesome. “Ivlo naal yenga olichu vechruntheenga ithellam. 😉 “

    Have a nice day,

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