Feeling a terrible pain on the back of his neck, he looks around completely perplexed. He was standing on a green lawn, which looked like one of those tennis courts at Wimbledon. His body was a little wet even though the air was dry and the evening was bright. His brain was going through a sort of nervous battle and he wasn’t able to hold on to a single thought. Remembering nothing as chaos filled his brain, he could only see a small cottage in front of him. He decided to go into the cottage, even though his brain was neither able to make that decision nor identify if he could recognize having seen it before. In spite of lot of stress and confusion he enters the cottage. He was able to sense that he has to knock the door if it was locked; it was locked and so he was forced to knock. He looked around the lawn as he was waiting for someone to open it. A familiar row of yellow rose caught his eyes and he could remember seeing it somewhere. The sight of the same array of yellow flowers stretching long alongside the cottage where at one point it gets hidden by the cottage itself and from where a distant mountain begins it slope looked as much a déjà vu for him. But he was under too much stress that he wasn’t able to think beyond the fact that it’s something familiar.

The creak of the door was heard as an old man appeared before him. He was probably in his early 60’s wearing round spectacles, a white apron covering his shirt and jeans. His hair was completely white, long and uncombed and his face was covered with a thick beard and moustache. Before he could say anything, the old man exclaimed, “Swami! Nice to see you. What made you come 10 minutes early? Did you skip your date with Ramya?”
Confused by the old man’s statement of appropriateness of his presence in that place he asked, “Excuse me sir! I am feeling a little confused and my brain is a little chaotic, I am not able to think if I know you ..”
“Oh! Calling me sir, Looks like some heavy lightning struck your head, get in first”. The old man lets him in and asks him to follow.
“Sir! I am not sure why I am here”, he said walking behind the old man. He saw a dusty living room with a few jute chairs, an old television set in the corner and few magazines
on the desk. One of them had the old man’s face on the cover, but the words were hidden by some newspapers over it.
“Swami!”, said the old man stopping at the entrance of another room, “What happened to you, are you all right?”
“Sir! I am confused. Do I really know you? Do I really know this place?”
“God knows what struck you! You know me. I am Dr. Raman. You are my student. I had asked you to come today and that’s why you are here!”
“Strange! I remember my name and remember seeing few things around here but nothing more! Facts look unaligned, I am unable to recall a lot of things.”
“That’s Selective Amnesia. My amnikit system should make you all right. But we don’t have time for that now. Come on in, let’s get that going.” Dr. Raman hurried into a room.
Though he was bewildered by swami’s attitude, he hurried to what he wanted to do that evening.
“What!” said Swami following Raman.
“We are all set swami! My T is ready! We can do the test in few more minutes”
Swami looked puzzled. All he can see was a hazily lit room with lots of instruments and pieces of junks all around.
There was a shelf of books around the corner and a table in front had few books lying around open. Another table was set close to a small window with some setup of mirror and lenses and it was grabbing the setting sun’s light into some weird looking container, with a rotating spindle on its back. He could not picture and comprehend any more objects other than these.
Swami was looking at Raman puzzled as he asked, “Your T?”
“Yes, I had told you”.
Raman paused for a moment. As he saw outside through the window, the sun was setting fast and clouds assisting in diminishing the amount of sunlight gradually. His eyes were fixed onto the container collecting sunlight. The spindle fan on the back of the container started to slowdown rapidly. The clouds became denser and rain started to pour down in a few seconds. Raman didn’t speak for a minute. Swami was even more confused by Raman’s long silence.
“Sir!” called Swami.
Raman turned around and looked at Swami. He then moved towards a corner where there was a monitor running a lot of numbers. Looking at it for a few seconds he turned to
Swami, “We need just a few more photons”
As he finished speaking, he heard a loud knock at the door.
“Doc! Doc!” cried a voice from behind the door.
Raman went to the door and didn’t know he was about to be astonished.
“Hey Doc! I am sorry; I got caught up with Ramya’s Dad! Had to convince him about our affair. I came running. Gosh! I got drenched in the rain. Got a towel. Lets start the
Teleportation Doc! The sun is dying down” said the person. The person was none other than Swami himself. Raman was perplexed to see a second Swami.
Meanwhile, the other Swami in the laboratory came out and was shocked to see a look alike of him.
The Swami at the door, looking at Swami inside, bewildered for a moment, turned to Raman.
“What’s up Doc? What did you do with T? How did you clone me?”
“I didn’t. The experiment is done”; said Raman.
“What do you mean? I don’t understand! You made it work
without me?” said the Swami at the door.
“My T has done its job, but hasn’t teleported you. It has got you few minutes to the past and caused you a nervous breakdown”
“Let’s do it again then”
“We need more photons! With this I can only just manage to make it work. It is too risky, I may not able to capture your entire molecular structure, It can cause you nervous breakdown”.
“Nervous breakdown!!… Wait a minute … what time are we supposed to start this experiment? I mean doc, if you are thinking what I am thinking”
“Swami, I think you are thinking exactly what I am thinking!”
Raman turns towards Swami inside and says “why don’t you get into the red glass chamber in that corner!” pointing towards a 6 feet tall glass chamber which looked like an old telephone booth.
The First Swami gets into the glass booth and Raman activates the 1 minute countdown trigger.
“It was supposed to rain, but I think we braved to conduct the experiment with this risk …” said Dr. Raman
“and I was transported back a few minutes instead of being teleported to the green glass chamber” said Swami
“and the transported Swami appeared at my door at this alternate timeline, If only I send him back to his timeline, he would exists there!” said Dr. Raman.

They both watch the last few seconds tick by on the timer. The clock goes zero, the red glass chamber is illuminated powerfully and the First Swami disappears as they hoped that he would get back to his original time …


5 thoughts on “T

  1. dude..

    evanoda thalayileyum mudiye koodathu apdinnu ethavathu sabhadham eduthu irukkiya…

    ippidi pichikka veikkirey…

  2. Indha kadhaiya naan 3 years munnadi eluthineen … appo intha maari ore trenda konjam 2 or 3 eluthuneen apparam vittutten. I just rereleased the same story with some editing.

  3. The Scifi was very interesting….the main thing in a scific is that u got to drag reader to the next line as to c wht happens next…. was very nice. You got that touch…..keep the good work…I dont know whether it would be appropriate to say that, but i wanted to…ur sory telling is very smooth, and i have felt the same touch in few well know writers.

    Dont stop..


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