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Mini Review: Santhosh Subramaniam

Dad loves Son. Son loves Dad, but Son hates Dad’s too much love. So Son is a good boy at home and displays his ferocious anger on his dad to the outside world. Son later falls in love with the girl. Son wants to marry the girl only with his family’s consent. Typical family melodrama. Ok, not exactly typical, atleast the Father son thing is a little bit different.

Without boring you much, here are the positives of the movie:

– Comedy: Santhanam cracks it. Hilarious as usual and does it with great timing. The good thing is the director has brought out some amount of comedy from everyone and not just Santhanam. There is no shortage of lighter moments in the movie.

– Prakash Raj/Jayam Ravi: They stroke it well in M.Kumaran and have done a great job in this movie too. They did look like a perfect silver screen Father – Son. Prakash Raj needs no review for his yet another gem of a show.

– Climax: I won’t spoil it. Go watch it, It is a hilarious finish.

And the Negatives:

– Songs: Definitely a negative for the movie. But I think they are a huge positive for the Tobacco industry. Smokers will turn chain smokers if they have to go out for a fag for every song in this movie, so beware. Try chewing gum.

– Sadagoppan Ramesh: Why God Why? I thought he was playing a Mute character, only later realized that he indeed had some dialogues, written on half a piece of paper napkin. Losing his streak in Cricket, I guess he wanted to attempt celluloid, but it shouldn’t have been this way.

– Gemilia: Did I get her name right? Ok whatever, I don’t know if it was the director or if it was her, but she must be the lady jumping jack. If the movie’s frame rate was 24 per second, she was doing 10 jumps per frame, I could hardly track her on the screen and look at her expression. She did stop doing that only in the last 10 minutes, she must have been tired. Also, there was 0 chemistry between her and Jayam Ravi. Not a good match.

Overall Verdict: Above Average. Watchable and Enjoyable once for the comedy and Prakash Raj.



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