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Mini Review: Yaradi Nee Mohini

“Who are you Mohini?” is the literal translation of the title of the Dhanush starrer Yaradi Nee Mohini, herein referred to as YNM.

If you have watched an earlier movie of Dhanush – Polladhavan, you would have noticed that sometime in the second half of the movie he loses his job because he loses his bike. So obviously in his next movie YNM, he starts jobless, very logical indeed. He lands a job and Sure enough, sometime in the middle of YNM he loses his job again which means in his next movie he has to start his job hunt all over again. He did Marketing in Polladhavan and now in YNM he is a Software Engineer, what’s next? If you guess his next job right, you will get one Kadalai mittai packet as prize, during the interval of his next movie.

So he falls in love with Nayanthara (Mohini no. 1), earns a job inspired by her, works under her as a trainee and proposes his love for her finally. She refuses the love.

His father (played by Raghuvaran) dies and his Brahmin friend invites him to his village house for a change. There is a surprise element here and I won’t reveal it.

He then meets an annoying pesky little teenager at his friend’s house who immediately falls in love for his magnetic personality. She is Mohini no. 2.

In the same house there is an Acharamana Brahmana Patti (Idealogical Brahmin Granny), a Widow, Who absolutely hates Dhanush. She beats the hell out of him and scoffs at him whenever there is a chance. She is Mohini no. 3.

Which of these 3 Mohinis will get to go home with Dhanush is the essence of the movie and that is why the title – “Yaradi Nee Mohini”.


1. Raghuvaran – A man who made his mark in the Tamil Film Industry with his unique style of acting is no more. This movie dedicates itself to one of the greatest actors of our times. May his soul RIP.

2. Dhanush – His success is based on the fact that he chooses his movies right. His character suits him for his personality and may be that’s how he chooses it. He knows his boundary and capabilities and focuses real hard on just that.

3. Yuvan’s Music – It doesn’t go wrong if Yuvan teams up with Dhanush. Yuvan brings his magical melodies in this movie with the songs “Engeyo partha mayakkam” and “Venmegam pennaga”. Background score is as usual brilliant. The only thing that Yuvan needs now is a chance with the big stars – Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan. He is not far away.


1. Someone please find a permanent job for Dhanush, before he is marked as a stereotypical Job searching Vetti Payan in every single movie of his. Time to freshen up his character sketch a bit.

2. If you are a software engineer, you will not be able to tolerate a monochrome monitor scrolling pages of Java code when the system crashes. Seriously, couldn’t they get a few computers with Windows XP and Eclipse loaded? and then Dhanush goes on to fix everything in one night. What the heck !@%#@^&%#&

3. Karthick and Karunas – Their characters were not utilized to the fullest extent, especially that of Karthick. There was room for using both of them in more situations than the way they were handled.

Overall Verdict: Watchable once for Yuvan’s Music and Nayanthara’s Magic (If you are a married man just pretend that the screen play is good, you won’t be lying anyway).



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