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Mini Review: Nepali

A Brilliant Triple Track Screenplay woven and narrated as 3 seperate threads and then finally tying them down to the climax is the highlight of Bharath’s Thriller – Nepali.

The story moves by narrating the Present of Bharath (as the Nepali Killer), His Recent past (in the Jail) and his past (His love) all at the same time. A simple story of avenging the bad guys is always difficult to sell and the director has succeeded in portraying it the best way possible. The scenes from the three different periods were carefully placed so that the events slowly unfold the story line. The title Nepali didn’t matter to the story except for bringing forward a nickname and giving Bharath a chance to apply a different kind of Make-up.


1. The Screenplay: I do not think there was a screen play before in Tamil movie that was handled as different as Nepali. Sure Ayutha Ezhuthu had a similar Triple track screenplay but Nepali was about the same guy in different time periods.

2. Bharath: He proves himself time and again that he can act very well in different kinds of roles by quickly getting under the skin of the character. Bharath was excellent as the Nepali and Karthik in Jail but needs to improve on his romantic skills. It would be better if he sheds his title “Chinna Thalapathi” as it is not adding any value by comparing himself to Vijay, atleast with the name.

3. Climax: It had to be realistic, so instead of immortalizing Nepali, the Director chose the reality.


1. Length: The movie could have been very well trimmed to atleast 2 hours 30 minutes. The 3 hour long movie felt lengthy as there was a lot of build up into the story.

2. Songs: They were not good and not needed. Background score was equally bad with tracks stolen from Fight Club and Eyes wide shut.

3. Bharath’s Nepali Make-up: It wasn’t uniform across the scenes and it rather looked gross than portraying him as a Nepali.



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