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Going Green Vs Going Hungry

The main aspect of “Going Green” is to use biodegradable materials as the fundamental building blocks. So go ahead read this news and tell me what you think will happen: World Environment Day: Go green with chilli marker pen

If you thought that we will be saving the planet you are right, but saving the people of the planet I am not really sure.

– Ideas like these where we use edible food to make our utility items will cost our stomachs dearly. Using Chilli, Turmeric and Carrot for colors of the marker pen, you can easily kiss your Sambar goodbye.

– Chilli and Turmeric is used in a lot of Indian food items and by mass manufacturing Pens with these will pump up the prices for these items, just like how Corn’s price affected Rice’s price. The moment biofuel was needed and Corn was used, there was a sudden surge in demand for Corn. So farmers grew Corn to make money instead of growing Wheat. This increased the prices for Wheat and people substituted Wheat with Rice in their diet. That caused the price of Rice to Increase. Here we are now with the issue of Inflation and world level Food price crisis to handle.

– It is good to go green, but at what cost will need to be analyzed. Ripple effects are usually not directly visible but with a good set of capable individuals one can easily find the extent of the impact of going green. If we can go green with materials that are not edible then it would be a first step in the right direction.



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