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Mini Review: Kuruvi

I am not a fan of Vijay, in fact I hate him. He simply cannot act well. But there are exceptions to him sometimes when the story or screenplay is done well by the director. Gilli and Pokkiri stood out to be those exceptions. Gilli was racy and Pokkiri was both racy and thrilling of course minus the songs. Gilli’s Dharani directs Kuruvi albeit cluelessly. The expectations were high and the movie didn’t live up to it. The movie was loosely adapted from Blood Diamond but probably no where near it.

Since a part of the movie takes place in Andhra, at some point I was confused if it was a Telugu movie. Tamil and Telugu dialogues were exchanged alternatively. This must be some sort of cost saving effort to release the movie in Andhra as is, without any dubbing. Suman in Sivaji was excellent but Suman in Kuruvi didn’t suit the character. Aashish Vidhyarthi has transformed himself into a Telugu Villain and has lost his original touch. It wasn’t believable that it was the same person who rocked Govind Nihalani’s Droh Kaal.

Vivek, whom I hoped could have been the positive point in the movie has disappointed with recycled jokes. Trisha comes and goes, sings and dances. Songs are terribly misplaced. As for Vijay, don’t ask. His stunts are getting recklessly unbelievable in a bad way. This movie can be directly released as a Lollusabha episode and it will be a superhit comedy.


eh ….


The Movie …

Verdict: Watchable once for writing Comedy Blog or Making a Lollusabha episode.



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2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Kuruvi

  1. Also many of the scenes in the second half were copied from a telugu hit chatrapathi! i felt azhagiya tamizh magan is better after watching this..

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