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Chennai’s Littering Fine and Constable Kuppaiya Chennai imposes fine on garbage dumpers

Give the above news a quick read and come back. Here is what I think will happen:

1. Garbage Constable Kuppaiya says “Enna kuppai roadla podra, 50 Rupees kudu!” (Why are you littering? give me 50 Rupees as fine)

Public: “Fine 100 Rupees aache?” (But the fine is 100 Rupees?)

Kuppaiya: “Courtla kattuna 100, inga kattuna 50” (100 Rupees in Court, or 50 Rupees for me, whichever is better for you).

2. Kuppaiya: “License enge? RC Book enge?” (Where is License and RC Book?)

Public: “Saar, Kuppai kotrathukku edhukku saar license?” (Why do i need license for throwing garbage?)

Kuppaiya: “Adhellam enakku theriyathu, naan Traffice constabla irunthu inka Kuppai Constablea transfer ayirken, License illana 50 Rupees kuduthe aganum” ( I dont know all that, I was transferred as Garbage Constable from Traffic Constable, no license then give 50 Rupees).

3. Senior Officer to Kuppaiya: “En pecha kekkala onnai kuppaiyilla kattukku marthidiven!” (If you don’t listen to me I will transfer you to a dustless city).

Kuppaiya: “Vonam saar, en pozhappula kuppai ye kottatheenga” (No sir, Please dont put dust in my Business).

So Chennai Citizens, beware of Garbage Constable Kuppaiya! Coming soon at a Kuppaithotti near you.



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