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Gasoline from Algae

Turning Algae Into Gasoline –

Algae a.k.a Paasi in Tamil can be turned into Gasoline it seems. If you want to find tons of algae I would direct you to Temples in India. Look for the Ponds in the Temples, usually a big ground with a few drops of water and a series of steps leading into it. After the first few steps all you will find is algae. It will be enough to produce gasoline for another decade and that is just from one Temple!

Make sure you get permission from Bal Thackarey, Shiv Sena, BJP, Central Govt., State Govt., Municipal Authority, Naattamai, Panchayat President and the Temple Priest before entering in and extracting the Algae. On the way you can also Grab Ramar Pillai and recruit him into the company, he is known to be a specialist in turning Herbs into Gasoline.

But Seriously, Good Luck with this! I am really looking forward to any form of alternative energy that will not take a hit on our stomachs.



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