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Mini Travelogue: Statue of Liberty

If there is one place in New York City that would be called as an Important monument to visit, it is the Liberty Island that houses the Statue of Liberty. I guess this is a known fact universally, which was why the place was heavily crowded on the day we visited. I guess it is crowded most of the days. The Ferry ride to the Island was enjoyable, but the ferry itself could have been a little better. There were limited seats and on the way back, most of the folks ended up riding in standing.

Lady Liberty was green and beautiful just as the way you would have seen in tons of Hollywood movies that picturise a drowning or destroying Manhattan. Why is she green? There is a scientific explanation involving Copper, Oxygen and the reaction between those two called Oxidation. Read that in the picture below:

If this was India, Lady Liberty would have been a Goddess. She would be wearing flower Garlands and Priests would be performing Poojas and Pudavai Sathals (Dressing with Saree). There would have been people from the nearby village coming down in their bullock cart and cook Pongal and vettufy Kada (Cutting Goat). Ladies with yellow sarees will be found doing Angapradhakshanams (rolling over on the floor, around Lady Liberty). There will be a long line for receiving “Koozh” (a traditional energy drink like Kool-Aid).

But since this was not India, Lady Liberty was simply a statue symbolizing Liberty. She was not decorated and there were no people offering any kind of services. There was no pongal and Kada, but only Pizza and Burgers in the Cafeteria. There were no ladies with yellow sarees performing Angapradakshanams but there were ladies and gents performing unique stunts with their cameras to get the perfect picture of Lady Liberty. There was no long line for Koozh, but there was a long line at the Ice Cream parlour.

Lady Liberty deserves more than just a tourist’s visit.

She deserves respect for the grandeur and beauty that she is clad in, She deserves to be watched by Poets to compose Poems about her, She deserves to be watched by Artists to paint her in all her elegance.

She definitely doesn’t deserve a common blogger like me writing a mediocre mini travelogue about her, but here it is, a tribute from a common blogger to one of the most artistic architectural efforts of Mankind, The Statue of Liberty.

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