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Dasavatharam – Part II

Now that Dasavatharam is released, watched, reviewed, praised and ridiculed, it is time for us to script the sequel. The story is based on Chaos Theory.

The story of Dasavatharam II is the story of a person named Kamal Hassan. If we have to talk about Kamal Hassan we have to go back atleast 65 million years back. 65 million years back, when there was no ideas of Jesus or Allah or even Ram. When Dinosaurs ruled the earth, when no one knew that Dinosaurs were evolving to be the intelligent beings on earth.

The Dinosaur king liked Non-Vegetarianism, he liked it so much that he wanted all of his citizens to follow it. But the vegetarians wanted to be vegetarians because it was their free will. The king couldnt change that and he forces one of the vegetarian dinosaurs to eat meat. This particular one will be played by Kamal Hassan with a never before seen dinosaur make-up. He refuses and so the dinosaur king eats the Veggie Dino. But incidentally the Veggie Dino would have had Potato fry for lunch on that day and that would cause the Dino king, a major gas trouble. So much so that the dino king ends up with a ton of gas.

The Dino king has no other choice but to fart. He farts so hard that the DNA of the intelligent dino king hits a mosquito which carries it several thousand miles to the other side of the earth. Meanwhile the strength of the fart nudges the earth by 1 nano meter which causes an asteroid to change its course of direction. This asteriod travels for a day in its new course and hits the earth destroying the entire dinosaur race. The mosquito flies away and stings the monkeys and the monkeys finally evolve to be human beings of today. Of course the monkey role will be played by Kamal hassan and mosquito will be graphics due to its tiny size. Some people will end up debating if mosquito was actually played by Kamal himself or atleast he voiced it.

Humans evolve. Religions are found. People fight. Barbarism and madness continues. Had the veggie dino not eaten potato fry on that day, Humans wouldn’t have formed, Dinos would have been ruling the earth.

Monarchy is over thrown, Renaissance occurs, Imperialism happens, World war I, World war II, Kamal hassan is born. (it will be played by Kamal himself). He makes a lot of movies and he becomes a great star in the tamil film industry.

Kamal decides to make Aalavandan. His decision to make that movie, makes Al Gore lose the 2001 US elections by 1 state. Bush becomes the president. September 11 happens. (Al Gore, Bush and Osama will be played by Kamal). The tremor of september 11 attack causes a rack of books in a chennai library shake. A book on Chaos Theory falls on Kamal’s head. Kamal starts to read it. News on Anthrax spreads. Kamal develops the story for Dasavatharam part 1 based on Anthrax and Book on Chaos Theory. But no producers take it yet after Aalavandan bombed in the box office.

Kamal preserves Dasavatharam and makes many more enjoyable Comedy movies. People love it and relish it and Kamal becomes Ulaga Nayagan. One producer, finally comes forward to produce Dasavatharam. Kamal plays the part of the producer.

Dasavatharam part 1 happens with Kamal playing 10 different roles.

K.S.Ravikumar dances in the end of the movie for the Ulaga Nayagan song. The role of K.S.Ravikumar is played by Kamal.

Audiences React to Dasavatharam 1:

Audience 1: I didnt like the movie. Story and screenplay was good but there was something that I didnt like in it. Look at Speilberg, he is a genius yet he makes simple movies with great ideas.

Audience 2: Are you saying that Kamal is not a Genius?

Audience 1: I didn’t say that. I was just saying it would have been great, if Kamal was a Genius.

Both Audience 1 and Audience 2 is played by Kamal.

One blogger watches Dasavatharam 1 and writes a blog about how the story for Dasavatharam 2 will be formed. The role of the blogger is played by Kamal.

Verdict: I have liked a lot of Kamal movies but Dasavatharam even though it is a good Story, The spirit of the story is killed by an extra long screenplay and a Kamal Hassan Overdose.

Watch it for 3 reasons:

1. If you are a Kamal Fan.

2. If you believe Kamal always makes quality movies.

3. If you want to know why Kamal fails sometimes.

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26 thoughts on “Dasavatharam – Part II

  1. Read random articles on your blog and this one tops the list..few other blogs had me laughing out loud in a silent room and dat did raise a few eyebrows…Nyways,Way to go dude,too good!!!!

  2. Dude, you have nailed Dasa. It has a similar convluted theory. I’ve reviewed it too, and the commenters weren’t kind either.

  3. AM – Well, Kamal is a great actor and I was sorry to see he got carried away so much in Dasa. He was blinded by his ego. Atleast, I didnt have too many comments, I read the review at hawkeyeview’s blog and boy he had like 147 comments each of them like an essay. I will try to read your review when I find time. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. LOL ….
    dasavatharam was a disappointment.. really ..
    unwanted charecters,,
    poor graphics…plastic makeups..
    no scope for acting ,., (biggest minus for the movie)

  5. “Audience 2: Are you saying that Kamal is not a Genius?

    Audience 1: I didn’t say that. I was just saying it would have been great, if Kamal was a Genius.”

    This is truly tongue-in-cheek. Loved it.

  6. I dont know if kamal ate spoilt potatoes and cooked up the story in a state of flatulence or hallucinating under the effect of something else – that was a film he could have done without.
    But this, if this was inspired by the film, I think I am willing to pardon that bad script.

  7. Usha – I like Kamal Hassan for his extreme attention to detail in his screenplays. But with Dasavatharam , in the name of commercialization he had lost his touch, Too many Kamals, confusing sequences took the movie no where near likeable for me. I liked the Balram Naidu character though!

  8. Its really interesting. Your sequel is more logical than the part I. When compared to Tamil/Indian cinemas, it can be ok, but the film definitely lacks technical perfection

  9. Padma
    Navarathri played by Shivaji was a delight but this
    In case of Dasavatharam, the story never asked for the protagonist to play 10 different roles. That was the pity!

    Its really interesting. Your sequel is more logical than the part I.
    Thank you 🙂

    When compared to Tamil/Indian cinemas, it can be ok
    Depends on which one we compare to.

    but the film definitely lacks technical perfection
    Yes, and I didn’t expect this from Kamal.

  10. Hey Dinesh,
    Oh! Man! I’m rolling in laughter!!!! My stomach aches. HA! HA! A better logical Chaos theory. Next I want to to write a script 100 Avatars or Sath Avatars. Where all 100 (the total) characters are Kamal Hasan. HO! HO!. LOL! I Just can’t stop laughing

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