Mini Travelogue: Wall Street

The Dalal street equivalent in the United States is the Wall Street and Vice Versa. With huge amounts of dollar transaction everyday at Wall Street, one would expect a lot to see at the Wall Street. But it was quite the opposite. Wall Street was a small Sandhu (Street), in fact you can just call it a bondhu (Hole or a small street). The only noteworthy thing to watch in that street is New York Stock Exchange (of course, what else did I expect? Ranganathan street equivalent?) which will be closed after 4:00 PM (duh!).

The Street is preceded by a statue of a bull, like Nandi in front of Shiva linga. The Bull symbolically marks the stock trading term “Bulls” (The ones who think positively about the stock market and always get into buying a stock). Tourists were found petting and taming the bull from all sides.


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