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Ten for Kamal and Twenty for Rajini (Kuselan)

It was only a countable number of days back that Kamal’s 10 Get up Mega extravaganza was released. Now we hear, as per this particular post that Rajini will be coming in 20 different Get ups for a song in the new movie Kuselan. (Note this is just a song, so it might probably be a gag/parody like “Style” song from Sivaji, which is completely harmless and extremely entertaining, atleast for us Rajini Lovers)

What’s next? Does this mean Kamal would do 30 get ups in his next movie? or will it be 40 get ups, if you assume the number progression for get ups is doubling? Whatever it may be, as long as it entertains the concerned people (Read: Audience), it is always welcome. As spectators we would like to get more bang for the buck spent, so more/better the merrier. 

By the way, Kuselan audio is getting released July 1st and the music is done by G.V. Prakash. He seems to be very good and I have a lengthy playlist of his collection from Veyil, Kireedom, Vellithirai, Polladhavan, Oram Po, makes me wonder why Kamal didn’t prefer him over Himesh Reshammiya for Dasavatharam.



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