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Why do we go to Temples?

Foiled Chemicals says we go to Temples for Good Vibrations!

On the lighter side, we also go to temples for

1. Emptying our change in the hands of Citizens who probably pay more taxes than you (a.k.a Beggers).

2. In search of a Tamil Penn, that is if you are Rajinikanth from Sivaji and accompanied by your uncle vivek who is younger than you.

3. That tasty puliyodharai/thayir sadham prasadam, which not even God can come down and cook to that taste. Seriously, what’s with the taste of Temple Prasadham? They are always fantastic.

4. Dating. Don’t get me wrong here, a lot of couples who are engaged, find Temples to be a peaceful place to have a soulful and deep conversation. Besides, if you live in a city like Madurai there is not a better alternative for a nice decent private conversation. This is the one place where everyone else mind their own business, which is praying the almighty.

You are welcome to leave your own variants of “Temple visit purpose” in the comments.



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