Mini Travelogue: Empire State Building

They were temporarily calling it Empire State Rebuilding because they were making maintenance and enhancements to beautify this tall observatory. Since they were Rebuilding, we had to catch the serpentine queue through a labyrinth of halls and rooms which lead us to a tiny room with about 6 elevators. We got into one of these and went up till the 80th floor. We were dropped off there and had to go through another maze of rooms with AC vents and wires hanging off the ceiling that lead us to another set of elevators which took us till the 86th floor.

We were so restless that we were wondering if we will be made to catch a hot air baloon at the 86th floor, jump off from there with a parachute, cut off the parachute at a certain altitude, grab hold of a pole, slide down, catch a rope and do a MI-3 stunt to get back on top of the building. But the 86th floor was there and we just had to walk out into the observatory. It was actually just a tiny row around the top of the building that definitely cannot handle a lot of people. We did manage to enjoy the aerial view of the city but were unable to name the buildings that we saw – Building 1, building 2, building 3 with the Crown, a church, Building 4 with Thundu and Jatti drying in Mottai maadi, you know all that stuff.

All of this lasted only about 10 to 15 minutes before Varuna bhagawan (Rain god) decided to do his act. It was getting stormy with lightening and we were asked to get inside the glass shelter, through which we could still see the ground act but not so enjoyable. I liked the Space Needle in Seattle and John Hancock center in Chicago much better than this one.

If you would like to visit Empire state make sure you check these 2 things:

1. That it is not rebuilding.

2. That it is not raining or going to rain or chances of rain.


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