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Music Review: Kuselan

In simple words, the first impressions of Kuselan music can be termed as Average. G.V. Prakash’s music can take sometime to grow on you (Just like ARR’s) and sometimes you will love the music more when you watch the video. For example, When listening to Sivaji for the first few times, the songs Style and Athiradee didn’t stick to me. But once I saw the movie and the song picturisation, I went “Brilliant”. It is really in the hands of the director to leverage the music’s ability. GVP’s Polladhavan had a similar fate with me. I only liked “Minnalgal Koothadum” from that album, but once I saw the movie the rest of the album caught up with me as I was able to relate the Audio with Video in much more clarity.

The album has 5 songs. On the first round, I loved the song – Sollamma. It is a pure, soft, mild melodious number sung by none other than the “Indian Bono” Hariharan ( I don’t know if it is appropriate to call him that). This song had the GVP touch for melody.

After a couple more listening, I began to like Charal and Om Zaara re. Shreya Ghosal does a great job in raining the tunes of Charal, I bet this is the song that will feature as an opening sequence for Nayanthara, must be a treat to her fans.

For the first time ever Daler Mahendi sings for a Tamil Song and I guess he must be thrilled to open his innings with none other than the Superstar. Om Zaara re seems to have been brilliantly customized for Daler Mahendi, as his voice lends the necessary match for the tune and the beat. Since, this is his first tamil song I will be forgiving his Tamil pronounciations. Yet, He has done a good job and his Tamil Massacre is less gory than Udit Narayan’s 100th Tamil song.

The song Cinema Cinema seems to be a celebration song for Cinema and the Superstar but lacks the oomph needed for such kind of a song. This song will heavily depend on how it is picturised, until then it will need a ton of glue to stick on to me.

Perinba seems to be recycled from “Veyilodu vilaiyadi”. It seems like Recycling is a heriditary disease. GVP’s Uncle ARR has done it more than a few times, very noticeably. GVP could have made this less obvious by atleast using a different singer. This song just like Cinema Cinema praises the Superstar but fails to bring the much needed Punch. I guess this will also depend on how the video would turn out to be.

The thing that is missing in the album is a theme music. GVP is good at background scores. His BGMs in Polladhavan, Kireedom, Veyil were mind blowing. When you watch the movie in DTS the BGM will take you into the movie frame by frame. I guess we have to see how GVP fares in Kuselan with respect to Background score when the movie comes out.

Kuselan Music is a Conditional Winner.

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PS: Beware of Om Zaara Re. This one is very catchy.



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8 thoughts on “Music Review: Kuselan

  1. Amazing music by GVP.Cinema song is really good with extrordinary orchestrations.Sollamma is mind touching melody. Omsarare is another grand song with beautiful orchestration and daler mehandi voice.Saral is another exiting number. Perinba pechukaran is also a stunning song with bangra style of orchestration.Kuselan is a wonderful album no doubt in it.

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