Om Zaara Re Causes Psychosongasticism

Om Zaara Re is a latest song from the movie Kuselan sung by Daler Mahendi. I did a music review of Kuselan a while back and mentioned how some songs take time to grow on you. Om Zaara re is one such song that slowly grew on me and then it crept on me and wound me like a coil around a transformer and started haunting me.

The only thing that I am hearing in my head is this song and only this line of the song – “Om zaara re zaare zaare, zaara re zaara re!”. Tamil Comedian Vivek would have said ,” Aha, enna karuthulla pattu!” (Aha, a song with so deep meaning). Everywhere I go it follows me like the Hutch network. I sleep, I wake, I bathe, I work, I run, I walk it is Om Zaara re all the way. This phenomenon is what I am referring to as Psychosongasticism and a person who experiences it is Psychosongastic. Read it as “Psycho””Song””asticism”. It is not a real word, I just made it up to explain this phenomenon in 1 word.

This is what has been happening:

– I pray god in the morning and I say “Om ….Zaara re ”

– Wife asks “Do you want Coconut chutney or Tomato chutney for dosa?” and I say “Om zaara re Coconut zaare zaare chutney zaara re zaara re!”

– Manager asks “We need to fix this code soon, what is your status?” and I say “Om zaara re 50% zaare zaare complete zaara re zaara re!”

– Daughter asks “yuui tuvaiii pudduu (Read me this book please!)” and I say “Om zaara re Barney says zaare zaare Hooray for Mommies zaara re zaara re!”

– I ask myself “What is the answer to life?” and I say “Om zaara re 42 zaare zaare zaara re zaara re!”

Everyday life activities have started being modulated by the phrase of immense meaning “Om zaara re”. Even as I start Om zaare re typing a blog post zaare zaare the phrase gets in zaara re mixes it up zaara re!

This song better be a superhit to justify my Psychosongasticism.

Let this song be played in all “Valarmathi Coffee Bars” in Madurai. Let this song be played in all Tea shops in the state of Tamil Nadu. Let this song be played in all Dhabas in Indian National Highways. Let this song be played in all Lorries with National Permit. Let this song haunt every citizen of India or a person of Indian origin all over the world.

Let this song spread brotherhood! Let this song bring Peace to the World! Let this song solve World Hunger!

Om Zaara re!


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