Slideshow: July 4th Fireworks

I captured a few fireworks moment from last night on the occasion of July 4th. The pictures aren’t great due to lack of fancy equipment and a work of mediocre photographer (Yours Truly that is). Click on the image below to head on over for a Flickr Slideshow. 


One thought on “Slideshow: July 4th Fireworks

  1. hey how long was the exposure time for that fireworks snap.. and which camera did u use?

    (I used a Nikon 4800 Digital camera, Just a point and shoot type. I used the fireworks settings on the camera and I had to hold still for a few seconds atleast, to get the picture. The trick i did was I hung the camera on my neck and firmly held the camera. The tautness of the neck band assisted in reducing any shake and hold still as the exposure went on. A little better effort would be to have a tripod and lay the camera on top of it)

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