The Minority Report Stunt

When Tom Cruise gets accused for a future murder that he is yet to do, he has no other choice but to run. In the movie Minority Report Tom says “Everybody Runs” and takes off into the futuristic Lexus car on the multidirectional freeway. But when his car gets taken over by the system, he just gets out of it and jumps on to another. This is one of the best action sequences I have ever seen because even though Speilberg works so much to show how a futuristic highway looks like, in the end it is completely the physical effort of the protagonist to perform the action in the chase.

As I was doing my weekend grocery shopping the other day, I was walking down the aisles trying find the things in my list. My daughter was enjoying the shopping cart ride but quite soon she seemed to be getting bored. She begged for attention and invited some gimmicks out of me as I continued my futile search of Vegetable Stock.

She then slowly pulled her legs out of the front opening and crouched on the seat holding the bar in front. From the crouch position she lifted herself up still holding the bar and gave a shout. I looked at her and politely asked her to sit down and continued glancing the racks for vegetable stock. She then released her hold on the bar and just as I started pushing the cart, she did a slight jump and reached me and grabbed me by her arms around my neck.

That was one hell of a Minority Report Stunt.


4 thoughts on “The Minority Report Stunt

  1. hey dinesh, good to see ur comment… i have not been blogging regularly … only occassional travelogues… yes, the murudeshwar shiva statue is bigger than kempfort…

  2. Hey Karthik, welcome to my blog. You are quite an adventerous guy. You should have been working for Nat Geo or Discovery. Keep your travelogues coming and also your photographs.

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