The Barrel Train Express

I saw this train at the local Kansas city Farmer’s Market in the Downtown. It was a very simple and innovative idea. A John Deere farm equipment (lawn mover/tractor that is, Please correct me if I am wrong as I am not familiar with these) is converted into the train’s engine and connected to a long steel rail with wheels.

On top of this is the compartments of half cut barrel. Kids were enjoying the train ride. Innovation is what this is called and our innovation obsessed IT HR and Managers should make a note of this. I will let the picture do the rest of the talking:


14 thoughts on “The Barrel Train Express

  1. What did you use for the frame and axles? Where did you get the them? I’ve got access to plastic barrels, but have had no luck finding premade frame and axles to build a train for our corn maze.

    1. Do not know where you can get pre- made frame, But we built a 8 car train in about 4 days. We used 1 in. sq. tubing, 1 in flat steel, cold rolled steel rod for the axles, tires came from the local farm supply store, or you can order them on line from Harbor Frieght. You will need a welder or access to one to build this. I know we used over kill on ours but we have had people in ours as big as 300 lbs. The kid comes out in all of us.

  2. We have the barrels an a good idea how to make them, but heard that there are actually kits to do this with. Does anyone know of a source?

  3. I’m building these barrel train cars, and I use, hand trucks, for the frame, axles, wheels and tires. Just mount the barrel to the hand truck, with 1 inch, conduit clamps. You can by the clamps at any Home Deopt, Lowes, or your local, building supply. I used, Grade School Resin chair seats, and mounted a plastic steering wheel. Fun cute cars, you can pull with a garden tractor.

  4. I am interested in purchasing a barrel train. I do not need the tractor just the barrels. They would have to meet the Pennsylvania Ride Safety Requirements.

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