Song: I miss you da

A.R. Rahman comes up with another of his Recycled album with the new movie Sakkarakatti (Which means Sugar Crystal). Sakkarakatti is a launchpad movie for K.Bhagyaraj‘s son Shantanu and has songs remade from Meenakshi and Rang De Basanti. But there was one song named “I miss you da” and I really liked it for the deep and sexy beats. I am sure this song was also from one of his earlier movies, but I couldn’t tell which one. May be this one is an original in the album, or probably from one of his old telugu movies, whatever it may be, I really like this song and only this song from this album. If any of you happen to know the whereabouts of this song, please do let me know. This song will be innocent until it is proved guilty.

On a side note, if A.R. Rahman is going to recycle his old songs into any of his new movies then he should stamp this logo on the CDs.

You know, just like this one.


11 thoughts on “Song: I miss you da

  1. Why review if you have no idea what you are reviewing? Only two songs from the album are from previous tunes. 4 songs are original.

  2. Aravind, FYI I didn’t review it. I just said that I love the song “I miss you da” from that album. 2 are recycled and others I didn’t like them. This is just my own opinion.

  3. Btw I think you’re mistaken in that only two are recycled, like someone pointed out : Chinnamma and Naan Eppodhu, both from Meenaxi. No song from Rang de Basanti. I think the Marudhaani song is bad, and Madhushree doesn’t help. Taxi Taxi is okay for a minute, I liked everything but the main tune, the opening and interludes were different. Pity that the tune is cliche and shallow.

    I think Elay is a good song, beautiful violin orchestration. The ‘masamasanu’ line is the only weak point i think. Try listening to the song again Dinesh, you might find it worth the listen.

    And I agree that I miss u da is a unique song; he seems to be breaking out of usual tamil genres again. I don’t think the song came from anywhere, sounds too unique. Not all rahman albums are full recycle, some just take a few songs hehe (e.g. one song in swadesh, or two in thakshak).

  4. Kannan – Welcome to my blog. I didn’t think the entire album was recycled as I couldn’t find if other songs in the album were original or not. The album itself is not spectacular compared to ARR’s recent “Jaane tu ya jaane na” and Ada.

    But I think “I miss you da” is just beautiful and love that song. I also heard that the “Emane” tune is hummed by Chinmayi. The album has different name for her.

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