Music Review: Saroja (missing Saaman)

Saroja Saaman Nikalo” was a superhit song last year. My cousin proudly told me that her son is dancing for that song in the School Function, the last time I went to India. It was such a hit song and it reached almost everyone(ok atleast every college) in the state of Tamil Nadu. The team that made the hit movie Chennai 600 028 is back with another one called Saroja without the Saaman and the act of Nikalo. The music for the movie is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and I have to say the album is Missing the Saaman (meaning: The Thing, stuff).

Last year when I listened to Chennai 600 028 I was immediately attached to the songs – Jalsa and Yaaro. Jalsa was a fantastic “Hip Hop”ish number and Yaaro was an awesome romantic Duet. After watching the movie I totally understood the importance of the song – Saroja Saaman Nikalo and how much of a significant part it plays in the life of a youth( 🙂 ). The album “Saroja” has nothing like that though. I was hardly attached to any of the songs on the first round of listening. But after listening to it a few times I did start liking a few of the songs.

Dost Bada Dost: This song celebrates friendship with a Soft Kuthu beats (equivalent of Soft Rock, and Yes I made that up). This song has the potential to get College students behind it. It will most probably be the “Mustafa” song of this decade (Remember Mustafa from Kadhal Desam in the late 90’s?). A good foot tapping number.

My Life: The song starts off in a Guns n Roses style guitar and vocals and moves on at the same Pace with some Aqua tunes fused in between. This song is completely out of context for a normal Tamil music Listener but I have to say it is one of the boldest attempts that Yuvan has made. Tanvi sings with an exhilarating tone and flows it beautifully with the guitar. An excellent piece and probably an item number, but who knows.

Cheeky Cheeky: Yuvan has mastered Hip Hop more than any other Indian Music directors (dare I say this?). His Hip hop is more “Hip Hop”ish and raw. Cheeky cheeky is going to win the hearts of the youth and some not so youth like me. It is a great pub song and I can see this being played in Discos and Five star hotels and clubs in Chennai.

What about the other songs in the album you ask? Well, Let’s just say they didn’t stick to me. They sounded mundane. May be you will like those, this is just my opinion and in any case we have to wait and see how the movie turns out to give the final judgement for an album. May be there is a “Saroja Saaman Nikalo” hidden in there.

Until then, I would say Saroja is a 50% Winner.

Updated: Album Link. You can listen to the low quality version there.


4 thoughts on “Music Review: Saroja (missing Saaman)

  1. Yet to hear Saroja.
    Just wanted to comment on ‘Jalsa pannungada’. It was a light bulb over my head moment when I realized that the song was a clever ghana-fication of the famous yesteryear song ‘Senthamizh thenmozhiyaal’.

  2. hehe yes it is indeed a smart rehash of Senthamizh Thenmozhiya. I’d give Yuvan credit for it, because the result is so different and enjoyable.

    Other examples, Aa Mudhal Akkuthaanada is Koduppathellam Koduthaar 🙂

  3. “Other examples, Aa Mudhal Akkuthaanada is Koduppathellam Koduthaar”
    Kannan – Which movie is this? BTW, It seems “My life” song from Saroja is completely English. It is awesome as I listen to it more. Cheeky Cheeky is also fantastic. Gotta love Yuvan’s Hip hop.

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