Oh Negative, Be Positive!

Take a look at this picture:

1. If you say you only see a circle, then you are divine.

2. If you say you see a circle with a black dot, then you are a normal human who sees both positive and negative and knows to differentiate between the two.

3. If you say you see a black dot in a circle, then you seem to be a kind of person who sees a negative factor amplified.

(This idea is not mine, it has been already projected in an old K.Balachander Movie, I don’t remember which one)

Now one would assume that a lot of us will fall under the Type 2. I am not a psychiatrist or a scientist or a zen monk who knows about such things, but it takes only a few observation at the blogosphere that we have a lot of people who are Type 3. One controversial post by a blogger is enough to get a flame war going in the comments section. Let me show a few examples and move on to what I want to say:

– My blog post on a song from Sakkarakatti: I am an A.R. Rehman fan. But it doesn’t mean that I will take everything coming my way from him. This album seems to have featured 2 songs from his older albums – Meenaxi and Rang de basanti and ARR is known to do that. So I put a big positive note saying that I loved the song “I miss you da” from that album, but I also made a slight pun by drawing a recycle logo for A as in A.R.Rehman. I got 2 comments saying I did a bad review and I didn’t know what I was reviewing. Well, I wasn’t reviewing at all, I was merely saying I loved a song, which was not commented.

– Hawkeyeview, recently reviewed the movie Dasavatharam. He gave a pretty bad rating for the movie since he thought so. He had the right to not like a movie based on what he saw. Well, for the most part I didn’t like the movie either and I came with something that was not a review. Hawkeyeview was bombarded with about 147 comments and I saw a lot of them like a huge blog post themselves, justifying why the movie is good. These are one timers, fanatics and when you are blinded by fanaticism you will not know where you go. Obviously, they might not have read any other blog posts that Hawkeyeview made, the fact that he disliked a movie out of several other things got him a shower of negative energy.

– 12th man, makes a humble post “Truly Indian” where he makes a statement and wishes that South Indians be learnt and respected for what they are. Well, I am not sure if he got a flame war or not, but I saw several comments that were like essays on his blog post. I am guessing some of them atleast were flames, as I didn’t read all of them.

Update: Here is one more example from the recent happenings in the blogland. The Paratha Wars!

This is what I want to say:

– Learn to see both positive things and negative things and try to differentiate.

– Destroy your negative feelings by breathing in and breathing out. Then, go home by picking the positive things that you read.

– If possible, convert the negative energy into humour or replace it by humour and laugh out loud.

– If you think something is good, there might be someone who thinks it is bad and that is ok. Learn to respect their opinions. Because ultimately what matters for you is what you think. If you liked something so be it, do not go around trying to convince others to like what you liked.

At the end of the day, we are just common people who blog about things that we think. Nothing more nothing less. Our intentions are not to hurt anyone, but to project what we feel. So, treat it light, treat it positive and move on in life, because there are lot of big picture things that we need to worry about or be happy about.

I am not perfect myself at this. Now if you excuse me, I myself have to go back and read what I wrote and try to practice it. Wise people say “Easier said than done” 🙂


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