Magazines se Ethanol Tak

So I go through the usual ritual of a routine haircut at the salon the other day. I was asked to wait a few minutes for my turn and so I was sitting at the lounge area waiting. A bunch of magazines on the table were inviting me to take a peek and this is what I thought about them.

Men’s Health: Hmm… I have got a good biceps and decent triceps. Hey I even have small mountain like muscle right around my belly, so I must be in good shape. I don’t need this. Besides, it is too insulting to put a couple of Shirtless men with waxed Torso on the cover who have 6 pack abs. Why can’t they put normal men like me? This looks like some sort of Women entertainment magazine, I am skipping this.

Women’s Health: Now that is a normal looking woman. See, this is how they should project it in the cover, will bring up the reader’s self esteem. No more comments, I am skipping this.

Golf Magazine: I stand on the field and hit the ball several yards, walk all the way to get the ball and all I do is hit it again? This is what Robin Williams thought and I think the same. To me, Golf is too boring. Besides, I would rather fight for using the land for cultivating wheat and feed the hungry in Africa.

Parenting Magazine: Now this is outrageous. Do they think I am a terrible parent that I need a magazine to improve my parenting skills. Sure I may have allowed some stunts but still I am good father! I am going to burn effigies of scissors and trimmers, I will burn the magazines, heck I will burn old tyres if can’t burn anything. Well, I wasn’t in India so I can’t do all these. Breathe in … Breathe out … Skipping this.

Car Magazine: Ah! finally they got me. I love cars, I am a formula 1 fan. Finally something I like and so I picked it up. Turn the pages, and my eyes fall right on an article on Ethanol. “To feed the hungry in Africa, you need to blow away your SUV” says the title. “800 Million people in US need fuel, while 800 million in Africa are deprived off their food” it said something like that, I can’t remember the exact sentence.

Ethanol is considered a blunder in alternative fuel by Environmentalist as too many farmlands are converted for cultivating Corn which is the source of Ethanol. This leads to the decrease in production of food crops causing inflation and price rise of crops like Rice, Wheat. The end result is someone who cannot afford high prices, going hungry. Of course the other side of the group which supports Ethanol, thinks that the world level inflation and rise in food prices is uneffected by ethanol, and is actually due to other reasons. I had already written a small article on Going Green vs Going Hungry. You can also read the Food vs Fuel debate in detail over here – Wikipedia: Food vs Fuel.

At any cost, we shouldn’t sacrifice our fuel for the body over fuel for our locomotion. This is my opinion. We can’t drive if we don’t exist, can we? So obviously my stand is to oppose the use of Ethanol (and may be those gas guzzling SUVs, but no leave the F1 Cars alone). But as an Individual, we can make a difference by choosing what we need. If we pick the right thing then the market will automatically respond to it. If we use lesser fuel, cut down our commutes, make simple choices in life things will fall in place. Our actions can influence the environment around us.

It is time for my hair cut, and the barber cuts the first bits of my hair and I thought:

“An experience of a great looking hairstyle, starts from the first cut”


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