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Infrastructure for Electric Cars

GM teams with utilities to develop electric car charging infrastructure – Engadget

Now that is the right direction of progress. Electric cars without the proper charging infrastructure will be pretty much useless and will not reach the masses effectively as one would have to rely mostly on the power from home. With charging station built around important places all over, will help the penetration of Electric cars whenever it gets into mainstream. GM says all this will happen by 2010 right around the time when Chevy Volt is targetted for a launch.

I have the following 2 concerns:

1. I hope this charging station is built around open standards or GM licenses it to auto manufacturers, this way we will have more Electric cars to choose from and the market will play itself towards lesser price. Open standards will allow multiple brand of cars to be compatible with the same charging station. It better be!

2. The traditional way of electricity source in US is still Coal fired plants (as much as 50% or more?). If only we start replacing that with renewal energy source we will see the full advantage of driving an electric car.

Having said this, let me also secretly hope that the Tatas will come up with a Nano electric and work with the Indian power companies and build this electric charging infrastructure. It very much seems to me like the way to go for our future.



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4 thoughts on “Infrastructure for Electric Cars

  1. The convertible engines – petrol and CNG, i thought was a good idea. If a car would have an electric option, that would be great too. Personally I would like to see Solar-Panel Convertable Cars. There would be no shortage of fuel in our country, I guess.

    Destination Infinity.

  2. Destination Infinity – Solar Panels are still pricey and less efficient. Which is why electric cars are much more reachable for now than Solar cars. Once we have a very efficient solar panel technology, Solar cars will be the best bet. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi,
    I think its a ‘chicken or egg’ situation.

    Company: ‘Let there be nos, we will built the infrastructure’.

    Consumer: ‘let there be infrastructure, i will buy an E-car’.

    P.S. very informative Blog.

  4. Rahul – Thanks for visiting my blog and Thank you for the “P.S” comment. Yes, it sorta is the situation, but with a good market demand, Companies will have to cave in to the inevitable and make both infrastructure and the car happen. I believe that is not too far although it will be a while before prices come down to affordable.

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