Music Review: Sathyam

The last album of Harris Jayaraj that I really liked was from the Kamal Hassan starrer “Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu”. Bheema had a few songs that were really good but others sounded repetitive. After that, I have to say Harris has come up with a likeable set of songs in the new album “Sathyam”, though not anything spectacular.

A peppy foot tapping number that starts with a highly meaningful word “Shabarababam” is sure trying to fish the hearts of the youth. Ada Gada is the song name and I have to say Premji Amaran has done a decent job voicing this song.This song is a Hip hop/Rap Wanna be with usual beats.

Harris Jayaraj was runaway hit when he came up with the song Vaseegara for the movie Minnale. It was fresh and the voice of Bombay Jayashree was mesmerizing. The song Chellame from this album sounds like Vaseegara yet feels fresh, new and youthful.

En anbe is soft and melodious and can put you to sleep. This is the song that I liked most from the album, even though it feels predictable and monotonous.

From the demands of the All India International Federation of Kuthu song fans comes the song Paal Pappali. This song stands out for choosing a unique opener “Paal Pappali” which means Milk Papaya. It begins with beats that sounds like the song “Uran thottathula” from Veyil and goes on with a “Sarakku vachurken” tune from Shah Jahan and sandwiches some “Maduraikku pogathadi” tunes from Azhagiya Tamil Mahan in between. Even though I sorta liked this song in the beginning, I am afraid it might lose its shine and fade away.

Un Udayam is a song for the Hero and this is the song that I didn’t like from the album. It sounds like Oru Mugamo from Bheema and is purely there to praise the character that the Hero is going to play. It doesn’t feel like a theme song, while it could have been.

Harris Jayaraj is good at background score. Movies like Kaaka Kaaka and Minnale had a fantastic background score that moulded greatly with the screenplay. I hope Harris can show some great stuff in the background score for the Movie.

The success of this album will depend on how well the movie does.


5 thoughts on “Music Review: Sathyam

  1. Harris Jeyaraj is good in bgm in very few selected films. Actually only in Gautham Menon films, and maybe to a tiny extent Anniyan. atha thavira he’s quite bad I think. He’s good at comign up with catchy pieces, e.g. Stranger in Black, but it usually doesn’t fit with the scenes at all. Kaakha Kaakha, Vettaiyadu, PatchaiKili are nice exceptions.

  2. Kannan – I always thought Harris had potential from the beginning. Too bad that he is getting mixed reviews due to a lot of his repetitive numbers. He should quickly reinvent himself to survive or will be written off.

  3. Dinesh – I couldn’t agree more with you. HJ has a standard format and sticks to it just like director Shankar and does not care about giving variety as long as the song is catchy. I think all his albums have a lifetime of a butterfly (beautiful yet short lived).

    On a site note your blog reminds my blog to the T. Only that I write in tamil.

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