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Of Junk food and Tobacco

I love eating healthy food. But that doesn’t stop me from saying that from time to time I gobble up an odd Pizza or Some sweets, snacks, chips. This way I can keep my diet balanced. So how would you stop someone like me from even those rare inhaling of junk food once a while, well the Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss says it should be banned from College campuses.

Yes, that’s right. So if the student goes back home and his/her mom cooks a nice sumptuous meal dripping the badness of junk food, then I think that might be ok. In any case he says that Junk food cannot be sold in campuses within 100 metres. You see that is the deal breaker, you walk 100 metres from outside your college and voila there will be a line of Kaiyendhi bhavans (Roadside snack shops) waiting for you. I am still wondering what was acheived from this ban, so please help me out, may be brain has shrunk to the size of a lemon over having too many junk food all these days.

Ramadoss said, ”I have already spoken to chancellors, who have conducted meetings with vice-chancellors to ban the sale of tobacco and junk food within 100 meters of educational institutions.”

In other news, Tobacco it seems can be used to treat some form of cancer. But don’t get too excited and start smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco, as the side effects are not yet investigated completely:

However, so far, the experimental vaccine has only been tested on a handful of patients to check for any side effects, so its effectiveness at fighting the disease is still uncertain.

So a new cancer curing Tobacco based drug/vaccine can have side effects picked from the list – Nausea, Constipation, Heart burn, Sudden decrease in blood pressure, head ache, knee pain, mouth ulcer, reddish eyes, cramped stomach, gas, more gas and some more gas. Everything else will be fine.

But seriously this seems to be a promising discovery.



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