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Nita has tagged all those bloggers whose names start with certain letters, on the topic “Childhood Favourites”. She has an interesting list herself. This is always an interesting topic for me to write about.

The tag is:

And the question is: What are the 7 favourite things you enjoyed doing as a child? I wonder if many bloggers will find out many similarities? Is a childhood everywhere the same, or is it much coloured by the cultural/social background?

My answer is:

1. I loved to play with my magnifying lens and use it to project still pictures from Films, on a Screen made out of Dad’s dhoti. Read about this in my old post here.

2. Street Cricket. You have to agree that it is not the same thing now. We used to play cricket in the street with plastic balls (or sometimes with anything that is round in shape) and Wooden bars as bat. Those were fun moments. Our stumps usually pointed in 3 different directions with varying heights and Creases were not straight lines but curves.

3. Vending machine project. I used to make a candy vending machine out of cardboard with help from my dad. There will be two slides facing opposite directions and a stick in the center holding the candy in a small box pasted to the stick. You drop the coin on the stick, the stick vibrates and the candy slides off to a small receiving box, where you can collect your candy. The Coin slides on the opposite side and reaches you. I loved to do it every summer and it was fun selling candies that way to my friends and neighbourhood kids.

4. Counting Fight scenes in Movies. I loved fight sequences as a child. It is fascinating to see the hero jump around and kick some baddie’s rear. So whenever I went to watch a movie, I used to count the number of fight sequences using my fingers (and sometimes toes) and that is how I used to rate the movie. So more fights, better the movie is.

5. Kids Magazines: Siruvar Malar (a Supplement that comes with a Tamil daily Dina Malar, every Friday). I go to my neighbours house and borrow Siruvar Malar and never fail to read the comics. My favourites being – Pala muga mannan Joe (The Multi faced Joe) and Pei Palli (Haunted School). I also used to love reading Poonthalir, Gokulam (Kid’s Magazines) and Young World (Supplement from The Hindu every Saturday).

6. Horse Carriage rides: Madurai used to have Horse Carriages as one of the modes of transport. This was early 80’s. I always loved a ride in one of them and the best place for me was to sit by the driver and watch the horse trott it’s way wagging its tail.

7. Visiting Meenakshi Amman Temple. I love the paintings and statue in this grand temple in Madurai. There was one particular painting that I really loved – The snakes curled up. I used to visit the temple and long for it, keep pestering my dad when was this painting going to come.This painting used to be on the floor and now it is replaced with something else.

If you would love to write about interesting things in your childhood, you can take this up as a tag and write it in your blog.

Thanks Nita for reminding me of those days.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nita says:

    It was fun to read this! Amazing that all of us can have such a wide variety of experiences!
    Thanks for doing the tag.

  2. Dinesh Babu says:

    Nita – Thank you, and it was fun to write this too!

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