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Safety with Helmet

For once the Government wants to do something good for the people by enforcing them to ride with Helmets and People are reluctant to use it. Why so? Is Hair Loss the reason as it says in the news?

14 months after it was made mandatory, less than half of Chennai`s 20 lakh two wheeler riders care to wear helmets. That is because the government, which introduced the rule, later asked the police not to enforce it strictly. This was after motorists complained of spondilitis, hair loss and so on.

So People care about their Hair more than their life? Is Hair the most important thing in life than life itself? If I put it in Tamil I can say that as a Rhyme “Uyiravida Mayiru perusa?”. The one thing people need to understand is hair grows, but a life lost in an accident is not reversible. If you think about the loved ones you will be leaving behind in sorrow and permanent grief, your 30 minutes ride to office on your bike should be accompanied by a Helmet on your head. One should leave Ego, Politics and Maniacal stubbornness aside and for once follow a rule that is good for you.

I have also heard of complaints from people that they are unable to hear properly when they are on with the helmet. I guess that is a technical difficulty that can be solved by wearing a better designed helmet. Not wearing the helmet is not a solution for Audible discomforts with the Helmet on.

Whatever the complaint may be, your life is the most important than the minor discomforts that you face by wearing the helmet. Wear your helmet, Protect your life.



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