iPhone 3G Release date for India

According to Technews the iPhone release date for India will be August 22nd. (See list of countries at TUAW).

Technews says that the gadget will be priced at around Rs. 20,000 (Approx USD 500). This is not a bad price at all in India, in fact it is very competitive in my opinion. I remember 5 years back spending Rs. 10,000 on a Color Screen Sony Ericsson phone (Yes, Color screen was the latest technology during that time). I used to play Alien Ship on that phone so madly.

Anyway, Rs. 10,000 for a color screen phone back then and Rs. 20,000 for the iPhone now is a good deal. I have heard a lot through my friends that people in India spend in the order of 35 to 40K Rupees for phones, so considering that iPhone will actually be a midrange priced, if at all it is priced at Rs. 20,000. If you have any opinions on this, Please feel free to share it with me.

To count down the days to the release of iPhone in India I have 2 interesting posts for you from my archive:

iPhone’s effect in India

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Update: It seems iPhone 3G is heard to cost a freaking 30 grand rupees in India. I am not sure how many would be interested in it if it is priced this high, given that 3G doesn’t exist in India.


13 thoughts on “iPhone 3G Release date for India

  1. Sahil – I think that will be a good deal depending on what sort of plan and contract you sign on. I would much rather prefer a unlocked independent version for 20K, which I can carry anywhere in the world.

  2. Destinatin Infinity – 27K will be on the expensive side. The Problem with HTC Touch is it is underpowered and runs on a boring Windows Mobile OS.

    Rahul – I like the Pearl too. I think it is fully functional and Compact. iPhone at 10K will be a steal.

  3. Hi

    A bit of relief. Now airtel is providing option of EMI to buy iPhone (www.airtel.in/iphone3g). At least, now people who were

    expecting to be in range of 16-20K can think again to buy it with EMI option. What you say guys? Can we hope to get its price

    down in future as well?

  4. This is comment on similar post I had.

    ” I’m not a Apple fanboy. But Apple is a cool company. iPhone is lightyears ahead of other phones.

    So what if it has only 2MP camera, or it can’t record videos, or cannot use 3G in India, or cannot share files via bluetooth, or can’t use it as external hard drive, or can’t use it as modem,or doesn’t have FM radio, or cannot have my own ringtones, or can’t send MMS or can’t forward messages,or have to use resource hogging iTunes. It is simply must have cool device.

    Anything that comes out of Apple, even if it’s a piece of shit, I would do anything to have it in my pocket. Apple is that awesome. Heck I would pay 50000000000 for this most advanced of all phones. It’s priceless….Like I said before I’m not a Apple fanboy. 😉


  5. Hitesh – EMIs dont help. It is not a big deal, you end up paying almost the same amount anyway. Price will come down as demand softens.

    Chirax – I would admit that I am an Apple Fanboy, but I would never buy everything that they throw at me. I may like and admire all their products but I buy it only if I need it.

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