When Cars can fly

Would you like a flying car? I have always wondered when this could be realized, ever since I saw the concept of flying cars in the movie Back to the future II and this was several years back. The 1989 movie predicted Flying cars in the decade that we are in now, but unfortunately we don’t have flying cars yet. This cool article (with video) over at Autobloggreen (Via Engadget) shows a possibitlity of a flying car (which will be test flied this October, Considering them as the Modern “Wright Ford”) with delivery to their first 50 orders by 2010.

The Terrafugia Transition (as it is called) runs on Super unleaded (Gasoline?) at a speed of 115 Miles per hour and gives a mileage of 23 Miles per gallon of fuel. But since the car uses a rear rotor, it looks like an aircraft with a body of a car attached to it (and so it is called the air car, duh!). So the bad news is, you cannot do a take off vertically like a chopper and will need a runway. The only thing that seems to be happening after you land is the wings get folded up to become a car for driving on the road. You can watch this happen in the video provided in the link above.

I am really not sure if i can call this an air car, if it needs a runway and looks half airplane half car (kinda like a Centaur, a half human and half horse). When things can look as close to a car as possible without those retracting wings and can take off like a chopper from your parking lot, I will be a believer, until then I am a Flying car Atheist.

Nevertheless, It will be interesting to see the development of this model and believe me when things become primetime, I will be more than glad as people can fly in their cars and I can drive my old outdated car on the road peacefully. May be we can let the Autorickshaws fly, which should be atleast 50% good enough to achieve locomotive peace.

Speaking of cars, I will leave you with a bumper sticker that I saw today:

“Things get better with Age, I am approaching Magnificient”


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