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Preview: Star Wars – The Clone Wars

The new star wars movie, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is slated for release next week, on the 14th of August. I am not a crazy star wars fan but I love the movie and I can say that the movie is a great Science Fiction Epic. I hadn’t watched Star Wars until 2 years back, when one of my colleagues suggested that I should watch the series in order to fulfill my purpose of existence and prove my affinity towards Science and Technology. I watched all of the installments of Star War movies (6 of them) in a few days, with DVDs from the local library and Netflix. A great Epic the movie is, but I am uninspired to watch an animated version of the movie – The Clone Wars. Perhaps I should watch the TV series Clone wars to really justify my statement.

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The plot of the movie seems to be between Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. There are probably a lot of reasons to like Star wars, but to me there are 3 most important things out of that list that will make me question the effect of an animated version.

Characters: The most important aspect of this epic was the characters. There was enough footage, action and dialogues devoted towards building a character. After watching all the 6 of Star Wars movies continuously, you can see how well each of the characters have been etched. I was able to realize how much of hard work George Lucas had put into developing each of the character. Obi wan Kenobe, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker (Who becomes Darth Vader), Count Dooku, Yoda are just to name a few of the various important characters. I have associated each of these characters to the actor person playing it and in case of Yoda to Yoda himself (and perhaps Yoda might be the one who changes the least in the animated version). It will be really hard for me to picturize Anakin and Obi-Wan in Animated characters. The power of the characters might not be realised to the full in an Animated version. Did you like Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker or some Animated young boy as Peter Parker? The same answer applies here too.

Special Effects: When you have real people playing in the movie, it will be awesome to watch a special effect where the person jumps from one flying ship to another, even though it might be rope assisted. The light saber fights, Space ships, Various planets, Binary stars all of these look awesome in a real movie because there is so much work done in the Special effects department to make it look as real as possible. The Animated movie itself is not realistic and that means the special effects will just blend in with the Animation and may even be lost. It is not fun to watch Animated Anakin fighting with his light saber, because you know consciously that an Animated character has several degrees of freedom with its movement. Special effects was so important in all the Star Wars movies, animating it might lose the charm. (Info: George Lucas has a special effects company called Industrial Light and Magic, Whose computer graphics department was later sold to Steve Jobs and became Pixar)

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Drama: Star wars has an equal essence of Drama, as much as it has the Science fiction action story in it. The relationship between the characters – Friendship, brotherhood, Teacher -Student is portrayed in a fantastic way and weaved with beautifully penned characters. Drama happened in the movie as the characters were portrayed. With good animation, it will be very much possible to create the Drama like how Pixar does with it’s animated characters. But with 6 installments of Star Wars already shown us some very interesting drama involving real actors, I have doubt if the animated one will be able to live up to it sans real actors.

I had a brief chat with my American Colleague, who is a hard core Star Wars Fan. I had one question for him: “Will the Animated Star wars live up to its previous installments?”. He answered the question as follows:

1. The new movie may not live up to the first 3 installments, because to him Star Wars had the highest impact from the first movie Episode IV – A New hope. He thinks the three parts that came later Episode I, II and III themselves weren’t as much interesting as IV, V, VI.

2. The new movie may live up to the Second 3 installments – Episode I, II and III because the story of the new movie happens between Episode II and III.

3. All said, a Star Wars fan himself, who has also watched the Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars does not seem to be as excited as he would be if it was an Unanimated Version. He may wait for reviews or simply watch it on the DVD was his answer.

Hence, I will be waiting for a review of this movie before I watch it. It is going to be interesting to see how Star Wars: The Clone Wars turns out. I hope it is good and hope it wins in the box office. Good luck and best wishes to the movie from a Science Fiction Fan.

If you would like to express your own opinion on the new Star Wars movie, Please feel free to leave it in the comments.



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