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Invisibility Cloak by bending light

An object is seen by the light that it reflects, which is why we cannot see anything in a pitch dark room. So to make oneself invisible all you have to do is stop reflecting light. This is exactly what the researchers have found, a material that can bend light around a 3D object (Via Engadget) using the concept of refraction. But what I do not understand is if the material can bend the light around it, how will we able to look at objects just behind the hiding person, to make it transparent? Will that light not get bent by the cloak on the hiding person? Does that mean we will be seeing a dark patch where the hiding person is standing with the objects behind him appearing around him due to the light bending?

In anycase an invisibility cloak will not be availble to you tomorrow at Burma Bazaar as things have only started (in Nano scale). But what if it is available? What if you have a Sirius Black like God Father who gifts the Harry Potter in You with a Invisibility cloak for Diwali/Christmas/Ramzan/Athiest’s Gift giving festival etc., What will you do with it, other than doing a Peeping tom or Peeping Mary?

I will use it enter the secret chambers of 1 infinite loop where all the future Apple gadgets are designed and prototyped. We always love to take a peek at Future iPhone, iPods and Macs. I can then blog with a spooky name, release Spy shots of future gadgets and get famous. Of course I have to wait for Apple to create the Super user-friendly touch screen based Invisibility Cloak before I can use it.

Do you have any Interesting/Weird/Whacky idea with your Imaginary Invisibility Cloak to share?



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7 thoughts on “Invisibility Cloak by bending light

  1. Wear the invisibility cloak and steal food from restaurants!
    Wear the invisibility cloak and steal food from restaurants!
    Wear the invisibility cloak and steal food from restaurants!

  2. But Nikhil, When you get drunk, everything else will be less visible, you won’t know if it is a cute chick seeing you or the bouncer trying to throw you out of the pub 😀

  3. who cares if the cute chick sees you or not you could always follow them home and use lines like: girl you’re so hot you make me want to stop being a ghost. then take the cloak off and watch her freak out.. lol

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