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The Toy Music Story

Last year we bought a Rocker for our Infant daughter. It had a nice little bar toy which when pulled, plays a sweet soft tune for the baby. Our daughter got so fond of that toy she used that to develop her motor skills by pulling it. As days went by she started pulling it so hard that we just decided to unhook it from the bar and give it in her hand.

This toy went through a lot during its life. It plays on a Lithium ion CR style battery and it has been playing on and on. We used to lug this toy around everywhere we go. It became a standard accessory for my daughter and a favourite play toy in her car seat. After she started crawling and moving around she would carry this and drop it somewhere in the apartment. No one can find where it went and only she can crawl around and find it. She does this with other things and we have been unsuccessful to find things like her Sippy Cup, my Watch, an iPod Shuffle and the list of tiny things goes on. She finds it herself when she likes and returns them to us and that is if she wishes.

This music toy went through the same game of hide and seek throughout the apartment and must have visited every room and every corner that my daughter did. We also took this toy with us when we were on our vacation to India and again this toy visited several places there – Our home, in-laws home, Uncle’s etc. Among these places, there was one important place that caused a turn around in the usage of this toy – The Bath tub. Yes, One fine day she took it with her to the bath tub and before I could snatch it off from her, it slipped and fell into the water filled tub. When an electronic item gets immersed in Water, well you can forget the water. We had no hope that this toy would come back alive and replay its soft tunes. We let it dry and tried to pull the handle and No, It didn’t play the music.

We thought it was end of life for the toy and put it aside somewhere. One night, when we were watching the TV, we heard the same familiar soft tune. Was it coming from the TV? Nope. Was it the old music toy? It sounded like, but we couldn’t find where it was coming from. Our daughter was giggling and playing in a corner and no she wasn’t holding it either. It was a mystery. It then started to go off randomly once a few minutes and it was kind of like the toy asking us to find it and recover it. We did try hard and finally found it inside the closet, somewhere in the corner. We pulled the handle but it still wouldn’t play the music. So it was still broken, but now it works randomly. The battery for the toy was not replaceable either.

The Toy went on and on for several weeks playing the music randomly at odd times, scaring the guests, scaring us at night and it finally gave away its last music. The music reminded us of our great times with our daughter as an infant. But the music has now stopped, perhaps it is its way of indicating that our daughter has grown up and she no longer needs that toy. Perhaps, it was the love from the toy towards my daughter that made it play randomly even though it was broken. Perhaps it wanted to and tried to stay back in music with my daughter. Time had its last say.

Everything in life keeps moving, but we don’t want to. We like our old things and we stick on to it as much as we can and as long as it can go. It is hard for our human mind to know that for everything there is an end, there is finality. We don’t get over things as fast as we should. This toy has taught us a lesson. We love and have to love the things that we have in the present, but should also know that it cannot go on forever. When it stops, we shouldn’t. We should expect new things and move on with life. That toy played nothing but the same music over and over again, but it brought me this wisdom.

So long Music Toy and thanks for all the music.



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9 thoughts on “The Toy Music Story

  1. Rahul – Thank you, I couldn’t find out why it played randomly. The batter was not replaceable and there was no screws to open that toy. It was just meant to be a show (and hear) piece on the rocker. I bet the trigger circuit got busted or something so it was randomly firing off the music.

  2. This is such a beautiful post! Made me nostalgic about all the old toys that I had as a child and how much I thought the world revolved around them! πŸ™‚

  3. Nikhil – Thank you. Glad I made you nostalgic. We are no different even now, we love our toys – Cellphones, laptops all those things πŸ˜€

    Lekhni – Thank you. Interesting that you had a similar experience πŸ™‚

  4. This post reminded me of Toy Story movie. I guess u have used the title from there? I still have some of the dolls I used to play with. Sniff sob u made me nostalgic 😦

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