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61 Years of Independent India

August 15th, We as Indians Celebrate 61 Years of Freedom but

– We still take ages to make some decisions.

– We still resort to Bandhs to protest, halting everyday affairs, hurting traffic and folks on emergency.

– We still have fights over territory.

– We are still fond of reporting a news about an Indian in a foreign country, no matter what significance or insignificance the event holds.

– We have won the olympics Gold, but the media goes Ga Ga about it in a different way. I am really proud that we won the Gold and I can only congratulate the person Abhinav Bindra for all his work (and only his work). I do not know if the country (Admin authorities, Sports ministry and People like me) were in anyway congratulatable on Abhinav’s acheivement, but still congratulations on just being there doing whatever you were doing (or not doing). So why don’t we win more gold? Here is a straight answer.

With all this going on we have one reason to celebrate. 61 years later we as a country have come a long way as an Independent Country. From Democracy to Green Revolution to White Revolution to Cricket World cup to Olympic Gold Medal to the Modern IT Revolution we have all reasons to be proud as Indians. For the Celebration of the spirit of the nation that is India and the Oneness, here is to my motherland, Happy Independence Day.

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On this day, I would like to share my old July 4th Fireworks post to throw in a blogger style celebration of Indian Independence.

Also, Here is an old short story of mine named The Library from the archive. It is a story occuring during pre-independent India and then ending with a Modern day acheivement. I hope you will enjoy.

Happy Independence day, Jai Hind!



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8 thoughts on “61 Years of Independent India

  1. Hey..thanks for dropping by
    Ahh,my great nation India…Don’t you think that it would be so easy to make it better. If only all of us could think and act sensibly!!

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