Barrel Train Express 2.0

Remember the Barrel Train Express post I made a while back. Well, the train has been neatly developed into a Version 2.0. The new version has a steam engine looking Mod on the lawn mover equipment and it looks pretty cool. It also makes sounds like a steam engine. Pretty nice development over the first one. Here are the pictures, (I didn’t carry a camera that day so I could only get a cellphone shot)


24 thoughts on “Barrel Train Express 2.0

  1. I would like to make the barrel train and cars for our church picnic for kids to ride in……do you have any drawings or close up pics so that I can see how you constructed them?….Jim

  2. @Jim – I am sorry I do not have any closer picture of the train. I think the difficult part when I looked at it was the barrel connectors. The picture on the first Barrel train post is the closest I ‘ve got. The next time I pay a visit there I will try to get closer pictures.

  3. Love your train, we are wanting to make a barrel train for our daughter; do you have plans or can you explain how you put it together?


  4. We are in the process of building a trail. Plans have been developed but not drawn up. Will be updating website with plans for a barrel train shortly.


  5. I have looked everywhere for plans to make this wonderful train. I think it is something my husband and I could make for our 5 grandchildren for christmas. Their dad has a lawn tractor. Please, if you have the plans I would really like to have them. Just let me know how much you want for them. Thank you and God bless

    1. I operate a fall pumpkin farm in Ky. Please send plans of the barrel train you made. I would love to add this to our offering of attractions. Thanks

    2. I would love to see the plans for your barrel train. I plan to add a six car unit to the offerings at our fall pumpkin farm in Elizabethtown KY. Mason

  6. I have a train barrel set for sale 5carts for $1,200 have lights on bottom and have tops (canapy). They make excellent fund raisers,partys etc. Fun to have!

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