Vintage One Rupee Coin

For the past few weeks, I have noticed people searching for the “One Rupee Coin” and ending up in one of my old blog post on a College Campus fun on Tossing a One rupee Coin. I was wondering why the search for a one rupee coin all of a sudden and found this was why. It seems one of those rare coins minted in 1960 was recently auctioned off for Rs. 2.2 Lakhs.

“A record of sorts was created when the one-rupee coin of mintage 1960 went under the hammer for Rs 220,000. The coin is rarest of the rare, as it never came into circulation,” auctioneer Farokh S Todywalla told IANS.

It reminded me of an old Tamil Comedy involving Senthil and Goundamani. Senthil would have a Bowl of Old Ottai Kalana (Holed Quarter Anna) coins and Goundamani would agree to buy it from him since his boss (Rajiv) is a Coin collector and would love to get his hands on those vintage coins for some handsome money. Senthil learns the value of his possession and lures Goundamani into all sorts of demands from him. A farming ground, a Cow, a girl to marry, a house, He gets it all in the pretext of giving him the coins someday. Finally Goundamani gets the coins from Senthil but the Boss would have bought some of the coins at good bargain from Chennai Moore Market. It was a really funny comedy track from those days.


6 thoughts on “Vintage One Rupee Coin

  1. omg! now on earth could i have missed this one…should ask my father…lol(ya it is not who likes their stupid jokes…it is my father…i prefer vivek,his has more thought to it:) πŸ™‚

  2. Cuckoo – Yeah, it is a good idea to hold on to your old coin collection. They are worth more as they age.

    Vishesh – Yes, Vivek is funny and thoughtful, but these days he is recycling his old jokes and his popularity is fading.

  3. @Dinesh
    Well, now the saying “Old is Gold” makes much more sense. Actually worth much more than gold. πŸ™‚ Personally I think Vivek is better nowadays. πŸ™‚

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