Stars Turning Politicians

Actors turning politicians is not uncommon in India. We have a whole bunch of them joining a party and winning the MLA or MP seat. But instantiating and leading a new Political party is quite different. Vijaykanth did it recently and now Chiranjeevi enters politics with his own party, whose name he will reveal on Aug 26th at Tirupathi. There is no doubt that Chiranjeevi is a success when it came to films, but when it comes to politics we have to wait and see if history will repeat itself and show another NTR or MGR. People will answer that soon I think.

(Picture: via Google images)

I just have one question. Why do you think Robin Williams or George Clooney or Julia Roberts don’t run for the President? I mean Ronald Reagen did it once, why isn’t it repeating as often in the US as it does in India?

(Picture: via Google images)

a. Is this because Hollywood actors just want to do what they are doing? or just interested in what they are doing as their profession and not indulge themselves in Politics?

b. Do they want to do good things to people not by entering politics, but by simply doing good things as they can like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?

c. Do they think that the role of a Politician is meant to be something for a career politician and not for them?

d. Do they try to support a particular party/politician by providing monetary donations during elections, but do not involve themselves actively, But they do rally sometimes supporting their favorite candidate?

e. None of the above, and if you selected ‘e’ do you have any personal opinion yourself on why they don’t run for president?


4 thoughts on “Stars Turning Politicians

  1. I have observed that the phenomenon of ‘star-politicians’ is more prevalent in the Southern part of our country . Why is it so? Could u put some light on this ? ….it has intrigued me always.

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