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2008: A Cooler Year

I have been here for 3 years in Kansas city and I always felt that Summer was harshly hot. I faced the Summer of 2005, 2006 and 2007 with heat waves in August. But 2008 we saw only 2 days of heat waves in the end of July and that’s about it. August has been fairly cooler than the 3 years I faced. Overall, the summer itself has been like this, alternating between days of moderate heat and rain.

The reason that I was thinking as a cause for this is the rising Gas Prices. With Gas prices touching the everest, people have cut down on their commutes to minimize spending on Gas. Offices have called for working from home a few days a week if it is possible. People have also cut down on Air Travels and the Airline industry has been going on a measure to optimize their flights by cutting down the ones that are not needed. This I thought was probably giving a localised effect of lower temperature due to lesser emissions from the above mentioned factors.

But it seems to be due to a Natural pattern of cooling in the Central and Eastern Pacific ocean called the La Nina effect.

La Nina cools waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean, but its effects are felt around the globe.It is one of a number of natural climatic cycles that can re-inforce or counteract the warming trend stemming from increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

It is just nature’s way of reacting to the global warming. So it does seem like a temporary reaction to a long term trend, which means the frying will continue.

So what was summer like in your part of the world? (or What was Winter like for those from the Southern hemisphere).



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10 thoughts on “2008: A Cooler Year

  1. Well, summer was scorching hot here in Bangalore, India. But the weather now is VERY wet. Showers can be expected almost always. 🙂 But winters are always very cold. I don’t have much idea about the southern hemisphere, but this is how it is where I stay. 🙂 And you were very right about the cooling being mainly due to decrease in fuel usage. Hope it decreases even more.

  2. Since few years we are having short summer and that too interspersed with rain which is bad for crops. Infact its been years since we had a proper cyclone which used to come every year. Even winters are not that cold.

  3. Anniyan – That is interesting. Actually, I dont seem to be exactly right. The cooling is because of La Nina and not mainly due to fuel usage decrease, though I feel it might have a little to contribute locally. I am no weather expert, so let me stop it there.

    Reema – That is the shift in weather pattern attributed by Global Warming. This is the main reason why some rare birds that migrate from North seasonally, don’t get their food at the right time of the year. They are becoming extinct.

  4. Weather patterns have globally changed Dinesh. Its been raining cats and dogs in the rainshadow regions these days. And rains are failing in places where the rainfall is generally normal.

  5. Max – That is a surprise 🙂 I have been here since Dec ’04. May be we would have bumped into each other sometime somewhere unknowingly. Sure, we should meet the next time you are here (assuming I will be here too!)

  6. Yep the lack of solar flares (sunspots) means more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. Only one sunpot for July and none for August. We are in our 12th year of Solar Cycle 23. If Solar Cycle 24 does not gets started soon your next winter will be doozy.

    A period of no sunspot activity has the potential to reverse any global warming.

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