An Imaginary Story of Robo (Endhiran) – The Movie

We all know how much we are looking forward to Director Shankar‘s next Rajinikanth Magnum Opus movie – Robo. The story of the movie was supposed to be written by the legendary Sujatha, but he is with us no more. May his soul Rest in Peace. What would be the story like? Given that it is a Shankar movie and Sujatha was lending his hand with the pen, I would like to make a humble imagination of the story of the movie – Robo.

Warning: This story is not in any way related to what may be Shankar’s actual script. Any similarities are purely coincidental and I have nothing to do with it.

(Picture: From the movie Sivaji at Behindwoods)

It is current day in the city of Chennai. Real estate prices in Chennai are going over the roof. People attribute it to inflation and world level price rises, demand from IT companies and Corporations. But who is left behind, the common man. Comman Man has to go far away to the outskirts of Chennai to buy their dream houses. Comman Man gets cheated by Real estate Gundas. Agricultural lands are getting bullied into being converted into Residential sites. A lot of black money gets exchanged to avoid the Govt. Tax. A real estate revolution is happening albeit in a very wrong way. Who would have to solve this and put an end to this? The case is handed over to the local Assistannt Commissioner of Police Mr. Arumugam Periyasamy. The character of Arumugam is played by Rajinikanth. Yes, Rajinikanth will be playing a cop after a long time.

Arumugam’s job is to weed out the corrupt Real estate Brokers in the city who cheat Common People by selling them Fake land. Quite a small and simple case when compared to other big ones you can get. But Arumugam’s sincerity and dedication to job is boundless. Kayalvizhi, is a local College lecturer, played by Nayanthara, who also works as a Police informer. Arumugam (Aru) gets Kayalvizhi’s (Kayal) contact through another Police friend, ACP Palanivel Rajan(Palani) played by Prabhu. With the help of Kayal, Aru begins to collect evidences against the Goonda Brokers.

When the story builds up to this, a big real estate tycoon in the city gets murdered in his bungalow. It is one of a unique kind of murder, that no one has ever seen. The victim is burnt through with a 1 rupee coin sized hole in his chest. You can literally see what’s behind through that hole and the boundary of the hole is completely charred. ACP Palani gets to handle this case and begins his investigation at the bungalow. The Forensic department shows the result that the Victim is killed using a Thick, sharp Laser beam, which is very rarely available, probably in high profile physics research institutes and is not of a portable size. Palani is bewildered. Why would anyone kill with such a rare equipment? and How is it possible to do it?

Few days later, Another victim of the same kind falls in another place killed in the same way. Palani understands that it is mostly a scientist who is on this serial killing spree. He starts collecting information on Research institutes with Laser Laboratories. But none of it gives him any clue. He has no finger prints, no traces of the Murderer, no information at all.

Meanwhile, Aru’s case moves forward and he narrows down to one big broker in the city. He gets the arrest warrant from the City Commissioner and rushes to his bungalow to arrest him. Alas, This big broker is already murdered before Aru reaches his home. Aru runs outside the bungalow to see if there was anyone out there. He quickly sees a person jumping the compound wall but he is unable to see clearly due to the dusk light. Aru chases this mystery person. The person keeps running and suddenly makes a huge jump from the ground to the 2nd story of a tall building and starts climbing up very fast. In the speed the person’s trousers gets mangled with a beam in the building and it tears apart. Aru witnesses something very strange, It was a bionic leg. Aru quickly gets hold of the pipe on the building and climbs fast holding other supports from the building.

The mystery person gets his leg stuck in one of the floors and he is now struggling to get his bionic leg off, while Aru steadfastly climbs up and closes in on the person. The mystery person frees himself up, but it is too late because Aru catches his legs just as they reach the terrace. A struggle occurs. Aru fights the mystery man but whenever Aru punched the man his knuckles ache. It was like he was punching a steel bag. The mystery man who is still shown from the behind hardly budges from Aru’s punch. Very strangely, he doesn’t hit Aru back but only tries to get away from him. The mystery man’s face is slightly visible from the hood he is wearing and Aru tries to get it off. After a few seconds of struggle, Aru places his right hand on his face and uses the left hand to pull out the hood.

It wasn’t a man. It was a Robo. Steel faced, expressionless but with hair. The camera rolls around Robo. Robo was none other than a look alike of Aru (Rajinikanth). Aru stands back. It was like looking into the mirror with a coating of stainless steel on his face. This is the century’s best stand off between the Antagonist and the Protagonist. The conversation between Robo and Aru happens:

Robo: Hi Aru, How are you?

Aru: Who are you? How do you know my name?

Robo: (laughs) It is interesting to see that you are asking yourself who you are?

(Aru shows a confused face.)

Robo: I will explain. 10 years from now, The people you arrest in your real estate case come out of the prison. They have enough money and contacts that they evade a few years of imprisonment.

Aru: I haven’t caught anyone yet.

Robo: You see that’s a paradox. (The following is shown as Flash Forward in the movie) These real estate gundas will kill you as soon as they are out and your body is sliced up and thrown into the gutter. Your face is the only recognizable part in the body. Scientist Arivalagan (Played by Nasser), your college friend smuggles your body from the mortuary and turns you into a bionic steel bodied Robo. That’s me.

(Robo tears open this hooded jumpsuit and reveals a thin steel framed Robo body with just the face alone intact with the hair looking exactly like Aru. His bionic right hand’s index finger is longer than the other fingers and looks like a laser gun that can be triggered by the button over that finger using a thumb. This was probably what he was using to kill the people.).

Aru: What do you mean? How did you get here?

Robo: If I kill the ones you have to arrest, you will have no one to arrest and no one needs to kill you with a Vengence. This is the paradox.

Aru doesn’t believe it.

Aru: Again, If you are built 10 years from now, how did you get here?

Robo: Arivu’s Time machine that he had built last year from today. It is kept as a military secret for everyone’s safety, but there are too many things at stake so Arivu himself gave it to me to go back in time and kill them.

Aru: It is not lawful. You cannot just go on a killing spree. If you are planning to save my life by killing them, don’t bother. I am not someone who is afraid of death.

Robo: I know you are not afraid of death because I am not afraid of death either. Heck, I came back as me from the dead you. Death for you and me is just a temporary state. My main reason for being here is not just to save your life. The future of this city and the common people depends on this murder. If i don’t kill them now, they will grow more powerful 10 years from now and the city will be entirely under their control. You don’t know how bad that will be, because I know, Arivu knows. You will have to let me go and finish my job. Now I have 3 more people to murder before we solve this.

Aru: I am not letting you do this. Murdering people is not the solution. We have to let the law handle these people. I will not let you kill anymore people.

What will happen next?

Will Robo be able to convince Aru about what needs to be done with a Bhagvad Gita styled advice and both Robo and Aru be able to kill the last 3 bad guys? or Will Aru not believe in Robo and fight against Robo and prevent him from killing the other 3?

Whichever way the story moves into, I am sure it will be pretty darn interesting. But I am not going to finish this story either way and I am going to leave it open.

Perhaps, you can pick this up as a Blog tag and write your own ending in your blog. You can link back to this post and write your own last few scenes and the Climax of the movie Robo. I will be glad to read your perspective and if I like your ending I will be updating this post with a link back to your climax post.

(Edit: I have my own climax thought out but will not be posting that now.)

PS: A script of a movie is usually very detailed, but since this is just a summary story in a blog I had to limit myself to the main content of the story. There will be lot of questions in the readers mind and I am assuming that you will be able to answer those yourself sensibly and just infer the main story alone. If you would like to point out loop holes and unanswered inferences in the story please leave them in the comments, I can try to answer those or perhaps fix the loop holes by correcting the story as I can. I appreciate you reading this, Thank you for your time.

PPS: It seems the Title of the Robo movie will be either Yantram or Iyandiram (or Iyanthira?) as Praveen says in his comment.

Update: You can read my version of the climax here.


32 thoughts on “An Imaginary Story of Robo (Endhiran) – The Movie

  1. but no paradox exists…and it turns out that the robo was programed by the higer ups to get aru and a few of the other goons killed…aru was the last in the list…so making sure doesn’t exist at all….and like everyone he was the cause of his own death 😛

  2. Good one! when I read the narration, I was able to visualise the scenes with the surroundings and light, especially the chasing.
    Btw, It is no more ‘Robo’. The movie is named ‘Yantram’ or ‘Iyandiram’ (guess they have got this from the original TV serial ‘En Iniya Iyandira’

  3. Vishesh – That will be an interesting twist to the tale. I liked it 🙂

    Praveen – I am glad you liked it. Yes I narrated the story keep in mind the sequences and how it would be. I can’t wait to finish up the climax and post it, but I am going to take my time to work on it a bit. Thank you for letting me know the Tamil name, I will put that in the post.

    Vijay – Unfortunately there is no race here for Robo’s story 🙂 I had already read your Remake of Iron Man into Robo and I liked it 🙂

  4. Hi Dinesh, Excellent imagination. I appreciate your creativity. You should try sending this story to shankar itself, he will certainly consider it.

    My climax is ….the usual Tamil style….the real estate gundaas will kidnap Nayanthaaraa and Rajini will save her and arrest them.

    Aru will try to destroy Robo, then Naasar will become angry and increase the power of Robo. Anyway, our superstar fights and kills the Robo and arrest Naasar for misusing science.

    I like forward to see your interesting climax too….

    Regards, Rampy.

  5. All of a sudden, monkeys dressed as Roman Catholic priests jump down from trees and start making a circle by joining hands. The lead monkey stands in the center of the circle and calls out, “Aruuuu! Where are yooooou?”
    Just then, our Robo comes crashing down through the trees and jumps high in the air. Lead monkey looks up in surprise as this heap of metal (with pubic hair glistening with lubricating oil) comes flying and lands in front of him…

    Oh god, I can’t go on!!!

  6. Rampy – Thank you for your Compliments 🙂 I have no intentions of sending it to Shankar, just wrote it for my own satisfaction. You have a good conventional commercial climax.

    Arvind – Appreciate it, Take your time!

    Nikhil – er … what was that? 🙂

    Kumar – That’s ok, not a big deal. Thanks for trying 🙂

  7. Rajnikant is not my cup of tea.. though i read the whole story and enjoyed your narration, but putting an end to a story of Rajnikant… ah… well… not possible 🙂 🙂

    And hey, adding you to my blog roll!

  8. Interesting story indeed. I hope Robo or Yantram will completes its mission in the end by “terminating” all the real-estate goons leaving our hero in despair in the most unrajanikatish manner.

  9. nice creativity dinesh sir! It’s like terminator meets I robot!

    I’m trying not to be pessimistic at best, but this movie seems shaky to me. lets just hope for the best.

  10. Hi MV/ DB,

    been meaning to visit you for a while now but it kept getting delayed because of all that is happening in my life right now. I am glad I came finally. Will catch up with the archives soon.

    Aru/robo confusion apart, it took a while for me to figure out that madurai veeran and dinesh babu are the same person. Given this level of sharpness you can imagine how many of my hairs I pulled out reading your script. As it is I find it tough to shift between flash backs and the present sequences in Tamizh films – idule time machine and present and flash forward veraya. naan sethen. Empaa simple a oru oorle oru kaka irundadaam nu kadai solra technique ellam enna aachu. ennai madiri tube lights ellam inimel tamizh cinemakku tata solla venidiyadudana?

    Nice flow of imagination – waiting to hear how you manage the dneouement. No filmy tactics allowed, sariya?

  11. Sakhi – Thank you for reading the story even though Rajini was not your thing. This is actually a story that I had in mind for sometime, but was inspired to write it as a story for Rajinikanth- Shankar’s Robo. I never imagined doing this until I did it. And Thank you for blogrolling me. I will read your blog whenever I can 🙂

    Sriniani – That will be a very unconventional end and matches closely to what I am thinking 🙂

    Max – Thank you 🙂 Yeah looking at the promo poster with Rajini dressed as a Silverish Robot kissing a Rose, I am left speechless. Let’s wait and see.

    Usha Mami – Thank you for reading my blog and commenting on a lot of my old posts too. Yes, Maduraiveeran is just my Pen/Blog Name 🙂 I was laughing out loud for your comment. Actually I had this story as just a science fiction that I wanted to write, but I quickly got this idea of titling this as an Imaginary story of Shankar’s Robot and so it happened 🙂
    I have written out the sequences leading to the climax and the climax with no filmi tactics. Not even an item number by Nayanthara 🙂 I will edit it a bit and post it this weekend. 🙂

  12. I am a Rajni fan myself and I think this movie will top the charts. But on the other hand, if they try stunts like in Sivaji, where he fights 100 people bare-handed and single handed it will be a major let-down.

  13. Destination Infinity – Thank you, It was my intention to mix superstarism in a science fiction. The climax is almost ready and the plan is to release it today.

    Endhiran – Thank you, I have no idea how Shankar is going to make this movie.

    Sandeep R – Yeah, I agree this is too much for an Indian film. But hey, Imagination is boundless.

  14. worest story imagination. Do you think this script gonna cost you around 150 crores. Dont spoil shankar name by your own imagination. stupid fellow

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