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In Memory of 911

A Haiku in memory of the victims of 911. I hope everyone finds peace.

Buildings fall some day,
People die day after day,
Freedom lives forever!

Sometime back I had posted that the fallen twin towers (World Trade Center) will be rising like a Phoenix as Freedom towers. Do check it out!



I am a Software Engineer by profession. My interests are in Computers, Science, Technology, Movies, Music, Photography and Writing. I love to do a lot of things, but am still searching for the ultimate thing that I can love to do. You will find here all the volcanic outbursts of my creative side as I explore the world through my perspective. Well, mainly fun, what's world without any fun!

6 thoughts on “In Memory of 911

  1. Arvind –
    nice haiku man..
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    u are the one who have introduced this word to me..
    keep posting these regularly


    Vishesh –
    nice one πŸ™‚ try writing a long poem na
    Too long a poem will expose my flaws. If I can convey what I need with very little, that will be enough. It is one of the Zen principles.

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