Nano, Robo, Busy

A Haiku for the new iPod Nano – Nanochromatic.

slim, shiny colors,

comes In Eight and Sixteen Gig,


Coming soon: Imaginary Climax of Robo (Endhiran). Read the first half of the story here.

I am on a training all week this week and hence I am sorry that I couldn’t read a lot of my blogs from the blogroll. I will be in full speed from next week. Until then, Please hang in there my fellow bloggers.


10 thoughts on “Nano, Robo, Busy

  1. Some women with whom I have had the pleasure of being on overly friendly terms have said I am well hung. I never understood what they meant, but I suppose this is the reason: I hang on to my friends in need.

  2. Reema – Yeah I am almost back! 🙂 Thanks for hanging.

    Nikhil – I didn’t ask you to hold your breath 🙂

    Vishesh – Thank you 🙂

    Sakhi – 🙂 I do not intend to cause pain to anyone. It will be unzen.

    Rambodoc – Yes, we all hang on to our friends no matter what. Friendship is a ship that never sinks.

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