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Imaginary Climax of Robo (Endhiran)


Continued from the original story post of the movie. If you would like to just read the summary of the climax you are more than welcome to skip the following narration and scroll down to it.


WARNING: The following section contains narration of Graphical Violence, some content may not be suitable for people under 14 years. Readers discretion advised.

Aru: I am not letting you do this. Murdering people is not the solution. We have to let the law handle these people. I will not let you kill anymore people.

Robo: Sorry, if you don’t join me, I will have to take you with me.

Robo shoots a tranquillizer shot at Aru’s thighs. Aru holds his thigh and struggles to maintain his consciousness but the image around him starts to dim. Aru sees a blurred image of Robo approaching him and suddenly his vision moves from looking straight to looking at the ground as Robo carries Aru. Aru is unable to hold his consciousness now and barely sees a Maruti 800 parked on the terrace. Robo activates a button in its chest and the Maruti 800 quickly converts into a carbon black sonic pod. Aru registers it in his mind but now he is completely knocked out. Aru is put in the back seat of the pod and Robo ventures into his next murder.

Kayal begins her night shift at her University Laboratory, where Arivu is a Guest professor. Arivu leaves the lab as Kayal enters it. She chances upon a schematic on a big sheet of paper at Arivu’s desk. She sees a lot of scribbling around the schematic and notes one thing in particular. A hand with the laser gun. Kayal finds out who is murdering with the laser weapon.

Palani meanwhile makes a big lead into his case. He tracks down and finds that the people who were killed in the serial killing were Real estate businessmen. According to his observation, they were all partners in the business and finds out that there are 3 more left in it. They are also the ones suspected with fraud and high level real estate corruption from Aru’s case. The victims are known, he calls up the commissioner and requests for police force. He has to do 2 ironical things now – Protect the victims and then get Aru to arrest them in his case.

Palani’s Cellphone rings …

“Hello! Kayal?”

“Yes Palani sir, I found a very important clue!”

“Me too, but yours first!”

“The killer is Robo!”


“Scientist Arivu has been working on it. He has called it R.O.B.O – Research Oriented Bionic Organism. The schematic shows the right hand with a laser gun!”

“Oh my god, Arivu has unleashed a deadly Robot. I have found the victims, they are real estate business partners. I am heading to Thangaraj’s, one of the victims. I have to tell Aru this message.”

“You go ahead, I can call him up!”

Palani rushes to Thangaraj to protect him, while Kayal calls Aru.

Palani gets there late. Thangaraj is already on the floor with burnt chest and stomach. Thangaraj seems to have struggled a bit as he sees some broken glasses on the floor. But Palani wasn’t too late either as he hears footsteps leading to the terrace. Palani runs towards the sound.

Kayal calls Aru and Aru wakes up from the vibration of his cellphone. He gets out of the M800 sonic pod in a slightly crouched position as he is unable to hold himself straight, finds himself on a terrace. Robo approaches the M800 as it turns into the sonic pod and gets in quickly. Aru grabs hold of the pod but is unable to hold on to it. Aru’s grip wasn’t steady and firm since the tranquillizer hadn’t fully worn out. Palani reaches the terrace and sees Robo fly away in the pod.

Palani: “Robo!”

Aru gets up uncomfortably with an aching body: “Yes, I know! I couldn’t stop him, he is too powerful”

Palani: “He has already killed Thangaraj. We have 2 more left – Nataraj and Swaminathan. I will go to Nataraj’s place and you go to Swaminathan’s. We have to capture Robo, No matter what”

Palani reaches Nataraj right just as Robo reaches there. Palani rushes to the terrace to stop Robo.

Robo: “I don’t want to fight you!”

Palani: “You leave me no choice!” as Palani punches Robo’s steel abs. Robo is pushed back, but quickly regains his stance. He gets back at Palani and showers a few punches. Palani defends a few punch from Robo but in a few seconds Robo gets the punch at him. A high impact steel punch at Palani knocks him out.

Nataraj runs away in his car. Robo chases him and blows the entire car away with a high intensity laser beam from his pod. Robo flies his pod through the flaming car and out of it. Only one more left.

Aru reaches Swaminathans’s and warns him about Robo. Aru gets the police force and puts them around Swami’s house. He couldn’t let Swami go away as Robo would chase him and it will be difficult to catch Robo. So Swami was kept in his own home with protection from full police force. Aru waits in the terrace with a dozen S.W.A.T styled Police force personnels. Robo flies down in his pod on the terrace and sees Aru waiting for him.

Aru thinks of this as the battle of his Good and his own Evil. But Robo sees this as a mere event in the big picture of eradicating the corrupt real estate individuals.

Aru: “There is no escape now Robo. You are surrounded by a huge police force. You cannot reach Swami!”

Robo: “I don’t have to.”

Aru (Shouts): “Fire …!”

The Police force starts firing at Robo. Robo steps down and quickly activates its shield. A sphere of electromagnetic protective shield forms around him and deflects away all the bullets fired at him. Aru realises this being a futile attempt, orders them to stop firing. Aru asks the force to grab Robo and arrest him. The Police force jump on Robo to grab him but Robo punches them away as each of them fall into corners.

Robo jumps on Aru and grabs him. Aru is perplexed and tries to untangle himself from Robo’s grips. Robo activates its x-ray vision and spots where Swami is sitting. Aru now grabs hold of Robo’s laser gun hand. Robo’s laser gun misfires into a tree and burns it down. The struggle continues as Aru and Robo fall on the floor. Robo fires another shot and it blows the water tank at the terrace.

Aru now tries to find a switch that might deactivate Robo. Aru presses a button that converts the pod into M800 and back into the pod as they both roll on the floor. Robo misfires another shot that breaks the terrace’s Parapet wall and blows it away leaving a huge hole.

Robo finally conquers over Aru and uses its x-ray vision and takes a moment to position the gun and fires an intense laser beam. The beam burns through the terrace floor goes through the building and hits Swami on the top of his head.

Four cops in the room look bewildered as they see dead and burnt swami with a huge hole on the ceiling leading through which they see Robo from the dim street light. It was the deadliest thing they have ever seen in their life.

Robo now lets Aru go. Aru falls aside catching his breath heavily.

Robo: “My Mission is complete. The bad has been destroyed and you have been saved from your death. I will no longer exist, as I am born out of your death. I will now vanish from existence in a few seconds”

Aru: “You are under arrest Robo! What do you mean you will vanish?”

Robo: “10 … 9 … 8 …”

Aru stands up as he hears the countdown from Robo’s body.

Robo: “3 … 2 … 1”

Robo disappears into a blue beam of light and the Pod implodes into a read ball of light. Nothing is left, only empty space. Robo is gone and Aru is left behind.

Few days later, Aru is called by the police commissioner at his office.

Commissioner: “Aru, I have another big case for you. We have a huge level corruption in the Governement defense department. We are relying on your expertise. Scientist Arivu has smuggled his Time Machine away as he didn’t want it to fall into wrong hands. ACP Palani will be dealing that case. I want you to work with Palani again in this case.”

Palani, who was sitting by the side, nods slightly in approval. Aru is ready for his next case.

House of an employee(Raju) in Govt. Defense Dept.

6AM is usually when Raju wakes up to go to work. Raju enters his bathroom and breaks the tranquility with a loud spit in the wash basin. He walks to the commode. There is absolute silence and the only noise was the sound of water drops from the pipe. In a few seconds, the bathroom wall blasts and rips open. Raju is frightened by that and opens his eyes wide. A double shot of laser is fired straight into the head of Raju, which blasts into million pieces.

No one else is there to see this. If there was someone to see this sight, they would see a Carbon steel bodied bionic organism floating in mid air powered by an ionic engine backpack, with both the hands holding out in the form of a gun. The entire body made of the same material as a Samurai’s Sword, seems to be slightly shining on the right side from the dim dawn light.

R.O.B.O II arrives.


Summary of Climax:

R.O.B.O is Research Oriented Bionic Organism, is a prototype Bionic being designed and constructed by Scientist Arivalagan. Robo is built with a steel frame with a lot of advanced technologies that it is too powerful to be battled out. There is no stopping of Robo even as Palani and Aru try their best at it. Robo is able to conquer and complete his mission and kills the remaining 3 corrupt individuals. But since all of these corrupt people are killed, Aru will no longer be murdered in the future and hence there will be no Robo built out of Aru’s dead body. Hence, Robo disappears right after he finishes his mission.

Robo’s existence is nullified. But, Aru is a cop who will get himself into a lot more cases in future. He gets his another high profile case which might lead him into trouble in future. Hence, the moment he takes his next case, R.O.B.O II comes back from future on a mission to kill the corrupt. As long as Aru keeps taking these cases and involves himself this way, he is always at risk and R.O.B.O will keep appearing. Robo immortalizes Aru and the only way to keep Robo from coming back is peace. When there are no people who are corrupt, where Aru no longer has to work in high profile cases trying to catch the corrupt, peace will prevail, Aru will not die the gory death in future and R.O.B.O will no longer be needed.

Until then, Robo will appear in every corrupt individuals backyard. So, Beware of Robo!


I had to end this script unconventionally because I started off unconventionally. However, looking at the first poster of the movie Endhiran, I doubt if the movie will be anything like what I have described. We will have to wait and see what the movie has to offer, after all it is Shankar’s dream project.



I am a Software Engineer by profession. My interests are in Computers, Science, Technology, Movies, Music, Photography and Writing. I love to do a lot of things, but am still searching for the ultimate thing that I can love to do. You will find here all the volcanic outbursts of my creative side as I explore the world through my perspective. Well, mainly fun, what's world without any fun!

11 thoughts on “Imaginary Climax of Robo (Endhiran)

  1. Nice story. The concept was really good, but the climax was bit like Sivaji’s. I thought that the Super Star might fight off the Robo with his raw muscle power itself. Like how Chiranjeevi would fight off the magical evil saint without his magical ring in some Telugu movie. The work and imagination gone into it was indeed good.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Nikhil
    How do you come up with these things!??
    Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    Anwin –
    Sorry, I won’t be there at the Kolkata Blogger’s meet.

    DI –
    Nice story. The concept was really good, but the climax was bit like Sivaji’s
    Thank you 🙂

    I thought that the Super Star might fight off the Robo with his raw muscle power itself
    Robo is the superstar, remember? So Robo is more powerful than anyone else.

    The work and imagination gone into it was indeed good.
    Thank you so much :). Everything came to me as a flow and it happened just like that.

  3. it was a nice read but i will have to be critical…

    neenge ezhdunadu hollywood padam.

    in desi padams esp when the main protagonist is the hero, the law will always reign supreme.

    Sivaji could wrk against the system and get away with his unlawful activities as the protagonist was not a cop. Here however the law will have to prevail. In your story the cop was reduced to nothing.

    What i’m saying is more on the lines of lets say brothers on either side of the law, one a sumggler other a cop. In the end the cop and smuggler both fight the baddies together.

    aww I guess i’m being too critical. good one though…

  4. Vishesh
    “well superb…you got me reading it ,fully! :P”
    Thank you :), I am glad you read it fully!

    “send it to hollywood :P”
    LOL, seriously! I just did this for fun.

    Vimal – The link of the original story is provided in the post itself.

    “it was a nice read but i will have to be critical…”
    Sure 🙂

    “neenge ezhdunadu hollywood padam.”
    I think so too! This story was originally conceived by me as a science fiction story. I just got this crazy idea of making it a story for ROBO and so it happened purely by accident, instinct and impulse.

    “In your story the cop was reduced to nothing.”
    Yes, I didn’t intend to reduce the cop, but since I showed how powerful ROBO was, the COP was reduced to nothing. I am sure a longer script will do a good balance, but I had to limit the length.

    “good one though…”
    Thank you 🙂

  5. Awesome story….. Reminds me of Hollywood style of sci-fi….. Keep it up and you have a bright future ahead…. You can be a fantastic film writer…. Seriously, indian cinema needs writers like you….. Good luck in your future undertakings….

    Best wishes from Mogan Raj Govindarajoo (Malaysia)

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