Mini Travelogue: Rend Lake

Not often when people are looking to take a break during a Road trip for lunch they end up in a Rest area adjacent to a Lake. We were fortunate that on our recent Road trip to Nashville, we decided to skip the current Rest area and go for the next one after 60 more miles on 57 South Freeway and ended up in a Rest area by a beautiful lake – Rend Lake.

Rend Lake is located in Southern Illinois, one of the five states we pierced through before reaching Tennessee. We started off from Kansas went through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and reached Nashville, Tennessee. Rend Lake didn’t look like a place you would mark for a visit, unless you live in that area. That was why even though Rend Lake was just another Water body, we were able to enjoy it as we ended up there unexpectedly.

The breeze was warm and the sight of the lake was beautiful in the afternoon. There were people walking their dogs, dozing off under the tree. There were also folks riding on their boats in the lake and driving water scooters. It seemed like a fun place to be. We sat on a picnic table just by the lake with our home cooked Puliyotharai and some Chips, Chivda, Karasev. It was a heavenly experience for a lunch during a long Road Trip.

Rend Lake is a loveable place.

This ends the Travel experiences from my recent Road Trip.


12 thoughts on “Mini Travelogue: Rend Lake

  1. Vishesh
    looks a very nice place
    Indeed, it was fantastic.

    This goes on the list of places I have to visit when I go back
    This is one of the places you wish it comes on your way during the trip. It isn’t so famous to look for it and visit. But if you are in the area then it’s definitely worth it.

    The place looks serene!!
    Indeed, there were lots of trees and hence good shade and breeze.

    wonderful place
    Yes, our lunch session in this place became a great experience due to this.

    Absolutely Wonderful pictures
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    Your β€˜road trip’ series has been very entertaining
    Thank you πŸ™‚ I am planning to keep it that way πŸ™‚ After all Life is enjoyed best with a spoonful of fun everywhere.

    Nice pics
    Thank you πŸ™‚ Welcome to my blog!

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