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Helping undecided voters

The US elections are getting very close but it is a known fact that there would still be undecided voters who cannot make up their mind. It is not like they have 10 choices to pick from, they only have 2 unlike India where we have diverse number of political parties (who form coalition and end up becoming just 2 to pick from, but that is another story). I am not sure what makes them difficult to pick:

1. Not enough choices?

2. Fear of screwing up by electing the wrong person?

3. A One time chance to show who has the real power?

4. No holiday on election day?

Whatever the reason may be, the fact is one shouldn’t escape from the voting responsibility. So I went ahead and asked the candidates themselves and couple of related others, to provide some advice for the undecided voters and this is what they said:

So there it is, Obama and McCain projected their key campaign words.

I went on to conduct an imaginary poll to see which of the above boxes had the most effect on the undecided voters. I was hoping that the box 3 would have the most effect but surprisingly box 4 won by a huge margin. I guess people badly need new underwear (In the movie Slacker Uprising, Michael Moore lures some of the college students to vote by giving them free packs of underwear, during one of the college campus visit). Upon further investigation I found that half of those voters were from India, where politicians are known to give freebies in exchange for votes. Relax guys, you will get your chance on freebies like Free Color TV and Free bag of Rice next year.

Who do you think will be the next U.S. President?

None of the above mentioned should be considered seriously, but your Vote has to be! Good Luck America!

Picture Courtesy (Via Google Images):

Obama –

McCain –

Bush, Moore-



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15 thoughts on “Helping undecided voters

  1. Either way, I feel sorry for a country that has been ravaged for the past eight years – raped beyond recognition! 😀
    Were you there when Bush was sworn in? Or were you in India? What was the mood like? What were people talking about?

  2. Vishesh
    Obama,looks like it
    It would be good if he comes. I am really not sure about McCain-Palin. But that’s just my opinion.

    Either way, I feel sorry for a country that has been ravaged for the past eight years – raped beyond recognition!
    Tell me about it. It was turned from a surplus economy into a deficit and now into the recession.

    Were you there when Bush was sworn in? Or were you in India?
    I think I was in India the first time and I had just come to US during his second Term. So don’t know how people were reacting to it. But I did feel sorry for Al Gore in 2000 when he lost out by just 1 state.

    I voted for Obama.

    Today everyone is posting something or other using the poll feature.
    Fresh new feature I guess. I had no intention of putting a poll, until the last minute I saw a small red dot, which I clicked out of curiosity.

  3. Sakhi
    hee…hee..hee… (i know i shouldn’t be laughing on a serious post!! )
    No no, I was expecting people to laugh. This was meant to poke a light humor. I thought the box 3 and 4 were really funny and if you have had a chance to watch the debate here you would give 1 and 2 a light chuckle. Only the voting part was serious 🙂

  4. Amit
    Everyone is voting for Obama
    Yeah, if they use my poll for elections, Obama will win unanimously.

    What Poor John has done to deserve this
    In one word “Palin”. I don’t mean he did Palin, but I mean to say He chose her for VP!

  5. Arvind
    even without palin he was weak
    He was, but he was also the only strongest among the Republican candidates, He was nominated very quick unlike Obama.

    anyway palin has been an entertainment for the americans
    I am sure that’s not just Americans but others too (Like Russians) 🙂

  6. Paul
    Palin is still popular with the Christian fundamentalists
    Yeah from what I saw, she is. Are Christian Fundamentalists usually towards the Republican side?

    people consider her a dangerous joke
    We sure do consider her a Joke 🙂

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