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Super Sekar – Death of the Mega Serials


Sekar is an average ordinary young Bachelor. He has no six pack and is not a sportsman, but an average software developer working for a dinky little software company in Bangalore. His ambitions are not high. He likes his beer filled Fridays and yearns to win over a babe someday. He wanted to be a Superman but he was not sure if his company dress code allowed him to wear the underwear on top of his pants instead of the other way around. Like any average person, his life is a roller coaster ride and sometimes he likes to thrill himself with adventures and sometimes he falls into an adventure by accident. Gentle Ladies and Tough Men, I present to you Super Sekar and his adventurous life.


Mega Serials are the Great Indian Soap opera shows that revolve around Daughter in laws, Mother in laws, Son in laws, Father in laws and their near and distant relatives. The Indian soaps that have been haunting Most Women and some men, episode after episode for nearly a decade, will come to an end.

Several TV channels have not been revealing the latest ratings for their Soap shows. It has found that there has been a start of steady decline of soap viewership right around the end of 2005. Media executives have been scrambling numbers and conducting surveys after surveys to find out what is wrong – is the relationship drama too boring? Do we need to add extra marital stuff? Do people need some explicitly revealing scenes? No was the answer for everything. Perhaps it was the new breed of reality TV shows, but they were not sure either. Till this day the executives are running around like chickens with head cut off and cannot come to any conclusion for this cause.

Super Sekar during his regular friday visit to the pub bumps into a Page 3 crowd which incidentally has some of the media executives. He speaks to these executives but no one seemed to divulge any information to him even after getting hammered with 5 shots of tequila. They just cursed Sekar with profanity and asked him to stay away. Super Sekar was really pissed, not just from the lousy pitcher beer, but for the treatment that he received from those executives and he is determined to get back at them.

Super Sekar decides to look at the market directly and hence he spends a few hours eaves dropping on the viewers and finds out what people were talking about. He travelled in his hypersonic jet to the heart of Chennai at T.Nagar and hears an interesting conversation, as he eats his Sambar rice for lunch “To Go”ed from Saravana Bhavan.

“I like his way of bringing out Humour in everything, that is the part that makes me want more and more”

“Clearly, he has the motivation of entertaining people. Do you know if there is anyone who writes like this?”

“Yeah there are quite a few, Here it is, I track them in my bookmark and visit each of them everyday without fail. The comments section is the best part, that is where all the riot happens. Total time pass”

Super Sekar jots down a few notes and flies in his jet to Mumbai. It was around afternoon at about 3PM as he enters the Dalaal street, the home of Indian stock market. He spots a conversation between two stock brokers and settles there, munching his Vada paav bought from a Push cart shop:

Broker1: “Ab ye dekh, yeh Chote khan apne Kutte ko Badshah bol raha hai” (Now Look, This shorty khan is calling his dog the emperor khan)

Broker2: “Are main inka bachon wali khel nahin padtha hoon. Apun to Bade miyan ka padtha hoon” ( I don’t read these childish fights, I read the Big Guy’s)

Passerby: “Hey guyz, leave those stuff. Did you see how RGV got back at his critics, man that was some juicy stuff”

Super Sekar notes down a few points after hearing the conversation and looking at the monitor full of red colored numbers and arrow marks pointed downwards. He takes off in his jet to the Capital city of the country, New Delhi. He buys a mug of Sweet Lassi on his way and parks himself by an apartment at the 3rd floor. He overhears the conversation of two housewifes:

“Has she delivered yet?”

“She must have, She is past her due date. May be she is still in the hospital that’s why she hasn’t written anything yet”

“Refresh, hit refresh, keep hitting it”

Super Sekar notes down what they were doing and walks away. He stumbles upon a flower pot in the balcony and breaks it. “Who is there” the housewives shout and Super Sekar quickly jumps into his jet that was floating in mid air by the balcony. The housewives see this and pick a small pebble from the broken flower pot and throw it at the jet, and it lands right into Sekar’s shirt pocket. Sekar doesn’t even realize this and he simply concentrates on turning on the jet and flees from the spot.

From there Sekar flies straight down to Bangalore for his final analysis and confirmation of the phenomenon. He lands straight into the campus of the biggest IT office in Bangalore (not his), gets off his jet and runs around the corner of the building carefully hiding himself. He steps on a box on the way. Sekar being the curious type opens the box and is shocked to find a bomb. With his Super duper Bomb diffusing skills he cuts the red wire, blue wire and then a magenta wire and stops the bomb from exploding. Sekar gets up and walks off to continue his mission while just then a security guard walks by and notices Sekar walking away from the box.

“Hey hey stop … you” cries the Guard. Sekar flees into the building up the stairs.

“What the hell was he doing with the power meter that we replaced!” exclaimed the Guard looking at the cut wires.

Sekar slips into a cubicle and tries to snoop in on a conversation. it was around 6PM now and the IT employees were now in a complete chit chat mode. He knows why they do not leave office at that time as they were trying to beat the traffic. To kill the time it seems they were doing the universal time pass task of IT employees – Browsing.

“Ha ha … That was a funny one, let me forward it to my friends.”

“Hey forward it to me, I am going to post it in my blog.”

“In your blog? no way I am going to post it in mine. If you want you can link it to me”

Sekar finally comes to a conclusion as visible in his clever wicked smoldering smile. He has now got what he needs, writes down a few conclusion points and runs away from the place. The security guard comes running down the pavement shouting “Hey, Stop” but Sekar quickly gets into the lift and goes down to the basement where his hypersonic jet is parked. He gets on the jet and starts up the engine. The security guards now gather in a gang and try to chase Sekar in their jeep. But due to a massive difference in horsepower between the ordinary jeep and Sekar’s hypersonic jet, Sekar gets away so fast that he can’t even hear their shouts. He hardly gives them the time to even recognize him.

Sekar flies off straight to the head quarters of the TV channel where the executives who humiliated him in the pub, were working. He peeks through the window and sees the executive sitting in his chair holding a cup and thinking seriously. He picks up a piece of paper and writes down a line quickly. He tries to look around for a weighty object and lo behold finds a pebble in his shirt, a pebble in his pocket thrown at him during his trip to Delhi. He picks the pebble and wraps it around by that paper and ties it with a rope from the Saravana bhavan Parcel potlam (Pack) and gets ready to aim and throw at the executive. Right then, he gets a wicked idea, a what if?

Super Sekar breathes in steadily and firmly. He places the tiny paper pebble bundle in his rear and with the power of the reaction between the Sambar rice, Vada paav with a neutralizing effect of the lassi generates an immensely pressurized gas in his stomach and propels the paper pebble bundle with a loud powerful fart. The bundle flies off in a trajectory in the direction of the window, the executive just then puts the cup down and starts a big lazy yawn. The bundle still flying crashes through the glass of the window and lands straight into the mouth of the executive.

The executive chokes a bit and manages to pull out the bundle from his mouth. He reads:

“It’s the blogs stupid!”

He then wonders, “Hmm… what’s that smell! and What the hell is a blog!”

Super Sekar gets on his jet and flies away as the camera zooms into his wicked smiling face and then into his eyes that seems to say “See you all Soon, Folks!”

SUMMARY: This is an imaginary story to describe how the Blogosphere is gaining popularity among the Indian Media audience and how the Television Soap shows are loosing its luster due to it. The characters and incidents are purely fictional. You should have found that out as soon as you read about Hypersonic Jet in the hands of a Software Developer.



I am a Software Engineer by profession. My interests are in Computers, Science, Technology, Movies, Music, Photography and Writing. I love to do a lot of things, but am still searching for the ultimate thing that I can love to do. You will find here all the volcanic outbursts of my creative side as I explore the world through my perspective. Well, mainly fun, what's world without any fun!

15 thoughts on “Super Sekar – Death of the Mega Serials

  1. I hope blogging becomes as popular as u’ve portrayed it to be. and i also hope that ekta kapoor, as well as her competitors/counterparts don’t blog… πŸ˜‰

  2. All I could make out from this was that you are giving some competition to Nikhil in the insanity department. πŸ˜€ But the theme was hidden pretty well. I was wondering for a while what to make of it. πŸ˜€

  3. Su
    I hope blogging becomes as popular as u’ve portrayed it to be.
    From my unscientific look at things, it seems Blogs are very popular these days, especially the personal ones.

    and i also hope that ekta kapoor, as well as her competitors/counterparts don’t blog…
    That I am going to wish a lot for!

    hun???? yeah kya tha??? πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    Kahani ghar ghar ki!

    I am too boggled to write a sensible comment.
    Sorry, I guess I infused a lot of details in a short story, but you are allowed to write insensible comments too. For example – LOL, ROFL, LMAO πŸ™‚

    vada paav and sambar rice neutralized with lassi
    That’s why one should eat healthy, which is having vada paav first and then sambar rice.

    Super sekar is Suuuuuuuper
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    All I could make out from this was that you are giving some competition to Nikhil
    er … no… for that, Super Sekar should have farted 5 times, no offense to you Nikhil πŸ™‚

    But the theme was hidden pretty well.
    It is tough to hide a thing when it is too revealing πŸ™‚

    I was wondering for a while what to make of it.
    Watching Mega Serials can be injurious to health.

  4. LOL… Nicely written! When I saw the title, my heart skipped a beat because one of my IT clients is a guy called Sekar. πŸ˜€
    But I hope one day even the auto wallahs can be reached through their blogs! πŸ˜€

  5. Vishesh
    well well no wonder my hits are dropping
    That’s why you should never let it rise πŸ™‚ I mean take my blog for example. Almost everyday is a slow hits day πŸ™‚

    poetry is out,at least what i write,damn the mindless rustic crap!
    I think what you write is great stuff. No one thinks like you do, so you have to keep writing it.

    Thank you

    ROFL, caught me by surprise till the to-go from HSB!
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    But yea aajkal there is plenty of juice in blogs that serials have sure taken a hit!
    Serials have taken a serial hit from the blogs I say. With bloggers like Krishashok and Twisted DNA there is always a lot of fun stuff to read.

    way to go!
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    LOL… Nicely written!
    Thank you πŸ™‚ Means a lot coming from you, the original writer of farting ethics.

    When I saw the title, my heart skipped a beat because one of my IT clients is a guy called Sekar.
    I am sure there are a million Sekars out there and if chances are good there may even be 2 million.

    But I hope one day even the auto wallahs can be reached through their blogs!
    And they would write about passengers!

  6. ada kashtame! enna aachu ajeernathoda thoonginappo vanda kanava? Pona blog potappo nalla irundeengale, odmabai pathukongo saar. hehehee
    Nalla aasai, blogs becoming more popular than saas-bahu serials and the khans fight in bollywood a? aasai disai aplam vadai ( match that for gas power!)

  7. Reema
    Aiyyo!! πŸ˜† I hope these stupid serials do end one day.
    It will be a dream come true. But then there will be another kind of show that will be as stupid as this.

    Bloggers topple Ekta? Wishful thinking!
    Why not! I think blogging is going to be very popular. People are going to like to read from a person than from a giant media.

    LOL πŸ™‚
    See that was sensible. I totally understood LOL. LOL = Laughing over Loudness.

    ada kashtame! enna aachu ajeernathoda thoonginappo vanda kanava?
    I wrote this several months back when my reader count was 3 – me, my wife and my daughter. Ok, my daughter can’t really read, but she says A,B,C looking at the screen that means she read at least 3 letters right?

    aasai disai aplam vadai ( match that for gas power!)
    Aasai Donut Chips Muffin. Gaali!

    I wonder if i could really see blogs gaining popularity .,.
    With total nonsense stuff like what I do, I am sure there are people who will like it and there are people who will hate it.

    90 percent of my freinds dont know what a blog is
    That is bad. Hey but 10% of them know, that is good. It is like Firefox market share!

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