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I love music. I believe music of any form puts us in touch with our inner self and gives us a sense of freedom. Reema has tagged me to list some music that I love. Music is always fun.

I grew up listening to some English songs, a lot of Hindi songs and a boat load of Tamil Songs. While Tamil songs were the main form of music I was listening to, my uncles introduced me to the world of RD Burman, Manna Dey, Kishore kumar in the Hindi World. My friends in School and College made sure I got some earful of Bryan Adams, Guns n Roses, George Michael.

My music love is from the 80’s, 90’s and the present time, though I prefer the oldies too (the ones that came before I was born).

This tag is about picking the songs that you loved and I will be listing 1 song each from the 3 periods of Time I have been in this Planet.


Ilaiyaraja ruled the Tamil world. His melodies were more of a fashion statement. He brought freedom, love, compassion, happiness, sorrow in his songs, in a very unique style.

Ilaiya Nila from  Payanangal Mudivathillai (Journeys never end)  is one of the best from those times.


Things had to change and it had to change because of one man – A.R.Rahman. The musical Genius was absolutely splendid right from his 1st album – Roja.

Thee Thee from Thiruda Thiruda is a mind blowing love song. This song is almost 20 years ahead of its time.


Apart from A.R.Rahman and Ilaiyaraja we have some decent music directors in Tamil like Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vidhyasagar and Harris Jayaraj. I am going to pick one song from the lot and the only reason for picking this song is this is my daughter’s favourite. I think she likes Surya. She smiles wide when she sees him on screen.

Adiye Kolluthe from Vaaranam Ayiram.

If I have to call 2 Hindi movies that brought me into the world of Hindi Movies are Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Tezaab. I really love this song.


Kehdo ke tum from Tezaab


Aamir Khan is a versatile actor. Rangeela is one movie where he surprised me. It was a role I never expected to see him in and play it with such an ease.

Mangta Hai Kya from Rangeela

Latest: (well almost)

Continuing on my belief that Aamir Khan is probably the only lead Bollywood actor that acts well (apart from character artists like Naseeruddin shah, Om Puri), I like all the songs in Dil Chahta Hai, but this one is the best.

Jaane Kyon from Dil Chahta Hai.

What’s your list? Would you like to share? Go ahead take this as a tag and put it up in your blog, if you got an interesting list. It can be any of the Indian Language.


21 thoughts on “Tag: Tamil and Hindi Songs

  1. It was good to recollect the ilayanila song,which I almost forgot! Interestingly that song you mentioned in Thiruda Thiruda was a timely reminder. My fav. one in that movie is Rasathee, a deadly slow song. I somehow feel that Hindi music has lost the charm that it had during the days of Tezaab, Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke hain kaun etc. I hope Tamil music doesn’t succemb to what the Hindi movie world thought was the populist tastes. Or, is the taste of the younger generation different?

    Destination Infinity

    1. Rasathee is an awesome number. I never thought of music without any instruments. He just did that marvellously. Hindi music has lost the charm indeed. Only ARR seems to be the best music dir in Hindi, next to him who? Himesh Reshammiya!!!!

  2. alright, am with you on Ilaya Nila, (my favorite being the bit from 1.10 to 1.20) and the refrain.
    LOl@SV sekhar comedy. This is a nice clip 🙂

    Thee Thee song was and is a classic, I know it’s almost always choreographed and performed once every year by different groups out here. Of course, the huge spoiler for me is Heera. Neither is she graceful as any dancer, nor is she a Tabu! The girl was my senior at WCC (the short time I was there) and she looks better off screen! 🙂

    Jaane kyon is even perfect just coz Amir and Preeti are just wonderful together! Alright, I’ll stp here now.

    1. I think Heera suited this role very well. She is definitely droolable and I know how much we drooled when we were in college. But she didn’t take off very much in her career. Yes, She can’t be compared to Tabu.

  3. I totally agree with you on the Rehman front.
    He is a magician with music…and I could not have chosen a better word to describe him (I Swear!!)…
    He just creates magic!!

  4. Old hindi movie songs are so nostalgic. Lately, my friends and I spend so much time discussing them. Back then, I never thought anyone would. Oh, what would we do without bollywood 😀

    1. Somehow the old songs stick well to us, because it is the song of our times. We used to listen to them in a special way through Radio or TV programs. It wasn’t often that we heard that on Tape. So it is kind of special.

  5. I loved the Tamil music better. ‘Adiye Kolluthe Vaaranam Aayiram’ is the one I prefer. A modern love song of today’s southern India. It tells a foreigner a lot new ways in the subcontinent, with a traditional little touch (which of course is the one I prefer).

    I was also tagged by Reema lol. Ciao

  6. These periods in music also bring back a whole host of memories of mine,…associated with that time !

    The lost innocence, the early adolescnece and now the large disconnect !


    Lovely !

  7. i am a maharashtrian born and raised in mumbai, but with a working knowledge of tamil. i love tamil songs a lot, but somehow unable to connect to all of them due to lack of childhood cultural connections with the language. nevertheless, i am connected with a tamil orchestra in mumbai and the people there help me bridge the gap.
    ‘ilaiyanila’ is my favourite too, becoz it has brilliant chords and thats the song that i can sing properly.
    my most favorite ARR songs are ‘oru dheywam thandha poowe’ & ‘vellai pookkal’ from ‘kannatthil mutthamittal’….i like both of more due to the lyrics rather than the music, which is no less awesome.
    then again i have recently started liking the song ‘paarijaatha poove’ about which i dont know at all – which movie, whose music, etc. some people say that although it sounds like a 1960’s song, its a recent one from ilaiyaraja’s self produced movie, but nobody is sure of the movie name.
    i am currently searching such songs which are common in tamil and hindi (except ARR of course:)
    ‘ilaiya nila & neele neele ambar par’
    ‘paarvai onru podhume & shokh nazar ki bijliyaan’
    i love marathi film music the most, and really wish that Ilaiyaraja or ARR shud compose something for marathi movies…marathi poets, as contrary to modern hindi poets, still compose meaningful lyrics, so its not too far-fetched a dream…hope some marathi producers-directors realise the worth of these two musicians…

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