The Philosophy behind Recession

This is most probably what is going on everyone’s mind right now. “A Recession! Why God Why!”.

Why should this happen to us! There are already a lot of people who are very poor and struggle for even a single meal every day or for weeks, and now we have people losing jobs. The world is now consisting more and more of hungry and jobless people. Even those who are fortunate enough to have jobs are upset because their buddy, who was working with them for 10 years is no longer there with them.

Why is this all happening and what exactly is the lesson behind the recession.

From an economists point of view one would point to unwise business strategies as the reason and the lesson is to spend wisely from here on.

But if we think deeper, there is actually more of a philosophy to be learnt from this recession than just economics.

The Object of Illusion.

Everything that is materialistic exists because we need it, we want it, we lust for it. The electronics company makes 50,000 mp3 players because there are atleast 50,000 people who want it. But now due to recession there are probably only 30,000 people who are looking to buy these devices. A common man looks at this as a bad thing because it reduces the circulation of money. But think further. What if there is not one single person, ready to buy mp3 players, not because they are cutting on spending, but because they have given up the lust for such a device.

MP3 players will no longer exist.

Consider the house that you bought a few years back for $200,000 in a quite residential area. It was a beautiful house and you thought that it was definitely worth 200 grand and will probably be worth more in the future. But with this downturn you just discovered your house is worth much less. So how much is your house really worth? Here is the answer in 2 points that is very difficult to digest:

1. Your house is only worth how much a buyer is willing to pay for it and it can also be just ONE DOLLAR!

2. If there are no buyers willing to buy, your house is not worth anything in terms of money.

But here is an interesting thing, Your house is worth all of it for the memories and good times that you have there. So doesn’t this mean that your house being worth $200K was just an illusion? You see, that is why our ancestors were not willing to sell their homes not because they are attached to the monetary worth of it, but because of the memories and good times they had there.

The concept of money that we have is just an illusion!

I am not asking you to give away all your belongings and become a saint, all I am telling is if you are able to realize that the money that we made is just an illusion, you will no longer need to become a saint, you will already be in the path of one. This is easier said than done. It is a Journey into the reality and It won’t be easy but the only way to see it, will be to take up the ride, and travel, perhaps with rest stops.

Everything Belongs to Earth.

Now that we have identified money is an illusion, let’s go back to our house. How was that built? Did God build your house as a gift to your good work? Nope! Your house is just a complex physical and chemical composition of Mother earth that a stranger built it for you in exchange to an illusionary object called money. So the house is just actually Earth! It belongs to Earth! You just bought an illusionary object with an illusionary concept called Money. What kind of an illusion is this! The one that will completely blind us I guess.

Again, I am not asking you to sell your house or not buy any house in the future or give it away and live in caves. If you are able to think and realize that everything you own, including your own body ultimately belongs to Mother nature, Mother Earth to be specific, then it doesn’t matter if you have a house or not. Why do we struggle for it then, when the whole of Earth naturally belongs to us? If you are willing to accept this idea, then you are ready to take up this journey upon you.

A Living example of this would be Bill Gates. He is the richest and now he gives away his wealth and the world is becoming better because he has probably realized this. He has taken up the Journey of the real life, after completing his illusionary life. Bill Gates was born to be Bill Gates. When you realize it, you will also know that you were born to be you. You don’t have to struggle to become like Bill Gates, You just need to be you.

You will now see Life from a completely different perspective.

You will now understand that Recession is just another illusionary state created from things that were already an illusion. You will have a lot of questions, but they will be answered. Time has the answers for everything. When time answers you, your twitter messages will begin to look like mine πŸ™‚

Of course, you will not be able to think of any of these without your survival. Once you take care of your survival needs and once you are able to take care of your survival needs as you go, your journey will be much more smoother. This is exactly why we donate goods to those who don’t have. We are helping them survive and think beyond survival.

In Indian customs, the idea of giving food and water to guests is to satisfy their survival needs. Once their survival needs are taken care of, they will be able to see the things around them beyond all illusions.

All of this is just my humble opinion. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments.

The Purpose of Life is to undertake this journey of breaking out of all these illusions.


37 thoughts on “The Philosophy behind Recession

  1. Good one, Dinesh. That has always been our philosophy, recession or otherwise – want less, consume less. Happiness has nothing to do with what you possess.

    As for what the house is worth – bingo! Very well put.

    I wish more people realized this. They will, soon. All they need is the URL to this post πŸ˜‰


    1. Thank you!
      That has always been our philosophy, recession or otherwise – want less, consume less
      It is a good idea, because in a world of shared resources, if you consume less, people who don’t get them will get it!

      Happiness has nothing to do with what you possess
      Exactly! Material happiness is a never ending cycle. Just being happy with what you have will take you to all levels of happiness.

      As for what the house is worth – bingo! Very well put.
      Thanks πŸ™‚ It is hard to believe that everything started from 0.

      All they need is the URL to this post
      They can have the URL, but it is their choice to read it or not πŸ™‚

  2. As litterateuse says, our ancestors philosophy of being content with what they have and not lust for more and more material things will help, during this recession or later. When we equate happiness with material possessions, we can never find true happiness and neither will we ever be satisfied. Our wants will grow and so will our greed – it is just a vicious cycle and will end with a crash like what we are going through now. What is important now is to not just get out of this recession but be able to learn this valuable lesson. Wish more people do that…

    1. Very true. The Universe is governed by Cycles. It is important to note that everything happens like a Cycle and when we realize that we no longer have to worry about harsh winter because we know Spring will be there any moment.

  3. Good post. I’ve been reading a bit on Gautama Buddha for a different purpose, but it sure makes for some fine inner soul questioning and hopefully development on applying. It’s along the lines of illusions and seeing further them.

    We live below our means at home, not out of deliberation, but fortunately, both the husband and I are made that way. It suits us. Hopefully, it works further down the road too.

    1. It’s along the lines of illusions and seeing further them.
      Illusions are governed by the law of demand and supply. They more you want, the more things there will be. Even Mother’s milk is that way.

      We live below our means at home, not out of deliberation, but fortunately, both the husband and I are made that way.
      It feels nice to live simple by choice. Less things around you, which means you are less illusioned.

  4. Nice.

    It is always a good thing to take hardship in a positive manner…it is easy to get depressed and lose focus, but that never helps.

    In the bigger scheme of life, money and material things come and go. That should not bother us.

  5. My Gawd ! Economic philosophy at 18000 RPM ! Go on. We need more of it !!

    All of life is maya. Except perhaps twitter !


    Good one !

    1. It is more like Philonomics, or Econolosophy (this one sounds like Colonoscopy!!!), in any case everything is Maya, even Maya is Maya!!! Except of course Facebook and Twitter!

    1. Modern day is just a relative measure. If you look at the age of Universe which is 13 billion years by our time, then whole of Mankind is modern days! It is just a perception, which is why the space is temporary!

    1. The Value of Money is that there is no absolute value to Money. Money is worth only when there is transaction, it cannot stand on its own as a valuable entity.

  6. Very well written.Yes money is illusion…still in demand.
    Most of us want to possess ,whatever, because my neighbour or a cousin has it.Unfortunately,they need to be convinced

    1. No One needs to be convinced. We just need to look withing ourselves. Just because the neighbour works non stop to acquire wealth and become rich, we do not have to do it.

  7. Money sure is an illusion. And everything that requires money is also an illusion. Nicely written. This is the first post I am reading after my long absence from the blogosphere. πŸ™‚

  8. “The concept of money that we have is just an illusion!”

    You know that note on, er, a note that says ‘I promise to pay the bearer…’? That promise used to be valid until the gold standard was used to back it up.

    Since we have had fiat currency i.e. currency because governments say so, all the money we have really _is_ just an illusion.

    Think about it and it will make life simpler in a second. πŸ™‚

    1. You know that note on, er, a note that says β€˜I promise to pay the bearer…’
      True. That’s why they say you need to read the fine prints πŸ™‚ But people love to simply go by the number written on the paper.

      Think about it and it will make life simpler in a second.
      Exactly. Rs. 100 was a big salary 50 years back, but it is nothing now! Our management lecturer used to tell this in the class, don’t go by how much your salary increased, because Inflation will make sure the prices increase too! whatever that Purchase Power Parity is called!

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