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Buckles of Belt

As a young boy once I had fascination towards various styles of Belt Buckles. Big Oval ones, Shiny big rectangle ones I have tried all sorts of gaudy belt buckles before. But Time (thankfully) helps us mature and grow out of this Gaudy Belt Buckle syndrome (BBS). I can safely wash off my past and say that I have grown out of it. I had realized that the special kinds of Belt Buckles are only supposed to be worn by Bobby Deol and once that moment of self realization set in, I not only gave up the Gaudy buckles but developed hatred towards it.

I now prefer to wear plain simple formal belts for work and a slightly wider brown leather belt with the jeans. I have simplified my belt choices to these 2 and am not planning to look back.

The prejudice in this is that you would expect anyone in your age range or higher to follow this same simple principle. How wrong I was. It disturbs me to notice the Gaudy belt buckle syndrome from someone who definitely looks much older than you. I can forgive every single annoying thing done by anyone, but wearing a huge eagle Belt buckle is simply a no no. For a moment I would have pulled my eyeballs out, but wanted to keep it to see the other pleasant things in the world. It was one of the WTF moments that haunts you throughout your work day.

I may have to give them a “Wearing a decent belt 101” lesson which will really consist of just 2 points – simple 1 inch black for formals, simple 1.5 inch brown for jeans.

It is ok if you have a small crocodile on the buckle as long as it comes from Lacoste. But if you really want to wear a belt with a crocodile on the buckle, please make sure the crocodile logo is not inverted, otherwise I will find you, tilt you upside down and make you walk on your hands!



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30 thoughts on “Buckles of Belt

  1. LOL. You brought back some entertaining memories of a few specimen in college. BTW the pre-requisite to wearing those belts is carrying a comb in the back pocket – and combing with ishtyle in the mirror of a parked two-wheeler πŸ˜›

    Nicely written πŸ™‚


    1. I can totally understand the prerequisite as I had been one of those who used to carry a pocket comb in my back pocket with 25% of it visible. But I haven’t used Two wheeler mirrors as my “Dressing Table”! Those were the days of “Step cutting”, “punk style”, “Disco cutting” hair styles! But these days it is mostly “Rap cutting”,
      You just sit in the chair and the Hairdresser woman Raps about her day, until she finishes!

  2. I think all of us have a fondness for something accessory or the other! My mom had this thing for bags and I have it for underwear. A friend of mine was crazy about shoes! I wonder what it means really, or whether it has any deep psychological meaning!

  3. This post brought back some wonder memories of yesteryears. Hmm !

    Broad belts, crazy buckles. I have had classmates were replicas of skulls, bull heads, deer ( with horn ) etc on their buckles !

    Now you can imagine where a passerbys attention is going to be fixated on !

  4. Dinesh, come to think of it, I have been using the same two belts now, for 4 years. I too have never had any fancy belts. I have seen my friends using a big ass buckles like a Harley Davidson Bike, A Babe…

  5. I agree with you.
    The fancy belts were must in the college days.
    Once in job for 1 year, they soon become history.

    Another fashion was baggy shirts in those days

  6. I never wore Gaudy Belts, hated them even when I was a kid. Infact just 2 days back I wanted to buy a casual belt but all I could see was big buckled belts with ‘Bulldogs on Motorcycle’ design or ‘Skull with Wings’ design and all that ‘shit(blingy)’ designs, so I dropped the idea of buying one for the time being.

    & I hate people who wear belts to keep their trousers on their waist, I mean trousers should anyway stay on your waist or below your waist if you are wearing low waist or below butts if you are wearing low butt and so on, with or without the belt.

    1. I love people who wear belts to keep their trousers on, Believe me, you don’t want to see them without it! and I have always been curious about below butt pants, I mean why wear at all then!

  7. I have seen the gaudy belts you have written about and have often who the in the name of hell buys those things!! Then realised that well, only cos there are some who do,the shops stock them. I certainly hope not to see them on a person! Seeing them hanging around to be sold is bad enough!!!

    1. Of course they sell them because there is demand, so obviously someday you will chance upon a guy wearing Gaudy belts, may be you can watch a Super Fine Masala Tamil or Telugu movie and you can spot some!

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